The Scotland Isle

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The Scotland Isle
Flag of The Scotland Isle
Motto: "One Nation under God, It's us against the world!"
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Region United Isle
Capital Sigeburgh
Official Language(s) English, Russian
Leader Prime Minister James Bostic
Population 426,000,000
Currency Euro 
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The Scotland Isle

The Armed Republic of The Scotland Isle is a huge, safe nation, remarkable for its powerfull economy and military. The Scotland Isle was the founder of the United Isle. It is also the largest and richest nation.

Incorparated States

  • Northern/Western Verzandia

Verzandia was aquired by the Scotland Isle during the first United Isle war. Northern Verzandia has been strictly regulated by the goverment, and constantly soldiers patrol the streets. Because of the war the econmy has been crushed, and is being slowly rebuilt. The Scotland Isle soldiers and civilians in Verzandia are targets of the Verzandian rebels still loyale to the facist regime.

  • The Naice Islands

The Naice Islands, are a small chain of islands. There is literally no economy. Naice is peacfull antion with no military. They are more primative than other nations. Naice went into the Scotland Isle hands in 1756. The Scotland Isle Navy landed on the Island.

  • The Siete Islands

The Siete Islands are near Naice, it is a small peacfull chain of islands, with little industry. The Siete Islands where found in 1854 by the Scotyland Isle Navy.



Scotland Isle is a large island, and it's terrain is mostly snowy mountains. In the North and central lies large mountains, and forzen forest, that recive snow all year long. To the south, lies the forest.


In the mountains during the summer, the tempeture is roughly 22F, and down to -10F. In the winter the tempeture plumits to -24F to -30F. The forest in the summer are from 40F-70F, and in the winter are 30F to 7F.


The Scotland Isle has been through only many wars, and they are fighting many rebbelions




The Scotland Isle Armed Forces, consist of four divisions.

The Scotland Isle Space Command

  • The Space Command is the battle hardned infantry elites. They are harded and well trained men. They can be deployed anywhere in the system with in 4 days, and can break through enemy space defenses. They are well trained and tough as nails soldiers.
The Scotland Isle Raptors

The best Scotland Isle soldiers are put into the Raptors, the best of the best. They are soldiers choosen for there combat, and technical abilities. They have all been through extensive training, and know how to operate almost anything. They are the smallest division.

Military Vehicles

  • 74-Z Speeder Bike
  • TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank
  • All Terrain Tactical Enforcer(ATTE)
  • C-45 Light Assault Vehicles
  • M88 Stalion Armored Vehicle
  • BARC Light Speeder
  • AT-RT


Scotland Isle has mostly a United Kingdom like culture. Bag pipes can often be heard in the streets. Civilians spend there free time and money on there own accord, and enjoy there daily lives.

The Scotland Isle civilians love sports, mostly soccer. Entire cities close down to watch teams play. Around schools and outside houses kids are seen playing soccer. Soccer Teams play all year around, mostly seperated by colledge games, and pro.

In every city there is Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Scotland Isle was founded upon the Christian Faith, and remains true to it. 83% are christians, 11% are Jewish, and 6% are other.


Political Parties

  • There is no parties, everyone operates upon elections and the canidates are choosen by the pupblic. Then they run, and try to prove there points as in other nations.

Primary Goverment Stations

  • Military
  • Law and Order
  • Religon
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Enviroment

Nautral Reasources

  • In the Northern Scotland Isle, much of the nations meat supply comes from hunters
  • In the South along the beaches, is fish.
  • The Scotland Isle get's it's oil from Oil Rigs deep off the coast, enviromental clean crews are on stand by 24/7.
  • In the center of Scotland Isle are ore mines, located deep in the mountains, the mines a top natch in safety.
  • In Verzandia much of the resources are gone due to war.
  • The main trades of both Siete, and Naice, is fishing.

National Symbols

  • Animal-Scottish Tiger
  • Drink-Scoten
  • Bird-Grey Condor
  • Tree-Pine
  • Motto-One Nation Under God, It's us against the World