The Scotland Isle Marines

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The Scotland Isle Marines
Leader: General Mcdovin'
Members: The Scotland Isle Marines
Type: Military Ground Fighting Force
Intention: Secure the Ground for the Scotland Isle
Location: *The Scotland Isle
  • Wehge Island
  • Yasch Island
  • North Ledsham
  • Northern Verzandia
  • Western Verzandia
  • Central Verzandia
  • Arem 12
  • Siete Islands
  • Naice Islands
  • Saen System
  • Elien Sec
  • Sarue
Known Enemies: *Arem 12 Rebels
  • Wehge Island Rebels
  • Yasch Island Army
  • Northern Ledsham Rebels
  • Central Verzandian Army
  • Central Verzandian Gurrielas
  • Elien Sec rebels
  • Paddock Island Army
  • San Joshua Army
  • Chancellor Sopot Army
Recent Actions: *Arem 12 Conflict
  • Wehge Island Conflict
  • Yasch Island War
  • Central Verzandian War


The Scotland Isle Marines, are the main fighting forces for the ground. They are well equiped and well trained. They are also the largest divison.

They can be deployed via transports anywhere in the world with in 15 hours.


The marines go through standard training, but excel due to advanced weapons, tactics, and training techniques.


Standard Assault Gear Scotland Isle Marine.jpg They wore specialized armor, breathing equipment, and repulsorlift harnesses to help them survive these airdrops. Paratroopers used DC-15 blaster rifles and DC-15 blasters, plus an assortment of thermal detonators and other grenades.

Military Cold Combat Gear 600px-Motmot.jpg Like their name indicates, cold assault troopers were specially trained for battle and survival in extremely cold regions. Their specialized Phase II armor was specifically designed to protect the wearer from extremely low temperatures



Rifles:DC-15 A Assault Rifle

Sub Machine Guns:DC-15S Carbine

Light Machine Guns:DC-15LMG

Sniper Rifles:C-30 Canister Rifle

Anti Tank:DC-12 AT Rocket