The Scotland Isle Marines

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The Scotland Isle Marines
Leader: Supreme General Mcdovin'
Members: The Scotland Isle Marines
Type: Military Ground Fighting Force
Intention: Secure the Ground for the Scotland Isle
Location: *The Scotland Isle
  • Wehge Island
  • Yasch Island
  • North Ledsham
  • Northern Verzandia
  • Western Verzandia
  • Central Verzandia
  • Arem 12
  • Siete Islands
  • Naice Islands
  • Saen System
  • Elien Sec
  • Sarue
Known Enemies: *Arem 12 Rebels
  • Wehge Island Rebels
  • Yasch Island Army
  • Northern Ledsham Rebels
  • Central Verzandian Army
  • Central Verzandian Gurrielas
  • Elien Sec rebels
  • Paddock Island Army
  • San Joshua Army
  • Chancellor Sopot Army
Recent Actions: *Arem 12 Conflict
  • Wehge Island Conflict
  • Yasch Island War
  • Central Verzandian War


Standard Infantry Scotland Isle Marine.jpg

  • Standard Assault Gear
  • They use ballistic weapons, and laser weapons

Military Cold Combat Gear 600px-Motmot.jpg

  • Heavy snow battle gear
  • Uses laser weaponry

Military Jungle Assault Gear The Scotland Isle Marine Jungle Trooper.jpg

  • Light weight jungle fatigues, accomponied by light scout armor
  • Uses light weapons like the DC-15C Carbine, and C-30 Sniper Rifles

Military Desert Combat Gear The Scotland Isle Desert Marine.jpg

  • Standard military assault gear, along with cooling conditions, and water cosevers
  • Uses Standard weapons



Rifles:DC-15 A Assault Rifle

Sub Machine Guns:DC-15S Carbine

Light Machine Guns:DC-15LMG

Sniper Rifles:C-30 Canister Rifle

Anti Tank:DC-12 AT Rocket