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Serene^Union of Kaenei
Ilianara^Neaniya zu Kaenei
Flag of The Serene^Union
Map of Kaenei
Official Languages English, Baroque-Kaeneian
Capital Solarri, (82 Million Pop.)
Governor-General Sophia Byzainti
Supreme-Overseer of Foreign Affairs Riordan Likonesse
 - Total
 - water

3,166,086 km²
20,643 km²
 - Total
 - Density

8.5 billion
Founded Formed from individual Provincial governments July 3rd, 1452 (Earth Calendar)
Government Type See Government Entry
Nation Type Theoretically, Technocratic Absolutist Monarchy; In actuality, Technocratic Aristocracy
National Animal Phoenix
  - Total
  - GDP/capita

N/A - See economy entry
N/A - See economy entry
Currency Energy-Credit
Time Zone GMT -3
International Abbreviations
 - sport
 - government

Pronunciation (IPA) Key-Neigh
Naval Craft Classification KDV (Kaeneian Defence Vessel)
National Anthem Eternal Union
Internet TLD .ki
Calling Code +55

The Serene^Union of Kaenei (Pronounced "Key-neigh") is a Technocratic Aristocracy founded on an island-mass in close to the Arctic Circle of Earth with territory on the Jovian moon of Europa, and also upon "The Ring" within Saturnian space. The Serene^Union was relatively well-known for its recently practised isolationism in international affairs. Re-evaluation to this approach led to the Union becoming signatories to The Triumvirate of Yut, as well as the Non-Democratic Alliance.

National Information

Traditional Long Form
The Serene^Union of Kaenei.
Traditional Short Form
The Serene^Union, The Union.
72 00 N, 40 00 W (Arctic Ocean, Earth) occupying 3,166,086 Sq. Km. ; Southern Hemisphere of Europa (Jovian System)


Main article: History of Kaenei

What is now known as the Serene Union came into existence hundreds of years ago, when the individual and scattered Kaeneian settlements (themselves directly assembled from the majority of the starships which had borne them on their journey from Solarri to Earth) which had grown over the course of some decades into bustling Provinces, were unified under a national central executive, legislative and judical authority.


At a basic level, the national government of the Union consists of semi-autonomous provinces with substantial self-governance, united under an unelected authoritative body. This body contains a legislature, judiciary and executive.

The government of the Union is fundamentally undemocratic. There exists a national parliament which serves only an advisory role and wields no actual power (See legislative Facet below). Elections considered in any way, shape or form do not take place. The Union's government is also unusual in that there is no effort to enact separation of the varying departments of rule. The legislature, judiciary and executive (known internally as "Facets of Governance") are united within the Council of The Aengelistoria Dominica.

Executive Facet

Department Overseer Description
Defence Solarri
Crestan Meridaa The controlling centre for all extra-planetary colonies and the combined space-borne fleets of the Serene^Union, an interstellar navy of sorts. They are expressively prohibited and forbidden from controlling or maintaining significant Kaeneians-at-arms.
Defence Terra
Vorsol Kindago The controlling centre for all Earth-based military and personnel, and the department overseeing manpower directly. They are expressively prohibted and forbidden from controlling or maintaining orbital or trans-system transport of any significance.
Defence Guardian
Miaan Reizeger Acting as the both the civilian police force internally, and also providing law enforcement within the military.
Department of Science
Farii Metrasci The controlling centre for scientific study, research and analysis. The Scientia has further specialised segments which are closely involved with their respective sister-departments; Military, Medical and otherwise stated.
Internal Administration
Zaetti Forsouth This governmental department is by far the most mammoth and sprawling of any other facet on the council -- For its mandate is expansive and truly all-encompassing covering such divergent responsibilites as the national power grid and the botanical maintenance of city parks.
Kaeneian Intelligence & Security Service
Vitras The central intelligence collection agency for The Aengelistoria Dominica; charged with retrieving, analysing and disseminating information relevant to the security of the Union. Responsible for Military and Civilian Law Enforcement Intelligence with all detectives of the latter supplied by the KISS or vetted upon promotion.
Office for Foreign and Extra-Solar Affairs
Riordan Likonesse The controlling centre for affairs out with the territory of the Serene^Union. Responsible for providing consular assistance to Kaeneians residing outside the Homeland and coordinating with alliance obligations.
Union of Medicine
Viktoria Annabel The controlling centre for medicine. Includes research, implementation and operation of the nationwide health system.
The Office for the Maintenance of Law
Supreme Justicar Henchoz Charged with ensuring the continued obedience of all to the code of conduct [Law] of Kaeneian society as a whole; also responsible for the entirety of the national court system and having partial jurisdiction over the Grand Court of the Union [See Judicial Facet] whose Supreme-Justicar is also the Office leader.
Department of Homeworld Security
Riordan Likonesse The newest agency of the Aengelistoria Dominica; charged with maintenance of the Defence Guardian and also control centre for customs, immigration and disaster-coordination contingencies.

Important Positions

Governor-General of the Serene^Union
[Currently Sophia Byzainti ] - Arguably the most senior position in Kaeneian society, the Governor-General is selected from amongst the heads of department to serve five year terms in which they shall, together with the Overseer Aengelis, hold final veto or assent over the decisions of the council at large. Furthermore in the event of non-specified emergency and with the support of the Overseer Aengelis and at least one department head the Governor-General can assume total executive control of the Serene^Union.
Overseer Aengelis
[Currently Kristilanna Lgealis ] - In the past this position was directly responsible for overseeing all military aspects of the Serene^Union, and ensuring sufficient safeguards were in place to prevent abuse or circumvention of the will of the Council. In more modern times, it has instead become the centre of power for all Kaeneian affairs outside of the cradle of Humanity - Recent legislation passed cementing the seat of the Overseer Aengelis on the Jovian Moon Europa, and assisting to spread the populace between two central points. Along with the Governor-General in possession of a grand veto and assent. In cases of disagreement the Governor-General may overrule but cannot use this power more than three times during any given administrational year. This Council position is currently vacant following the disappearance and presumed death of Overseer Lgealis.

In essence, a department head and one of the most senior positions in the Serene^Union. A Supreme-Overseer claims a seat within the Aengelistoria Dominica and is considered the total authority in his or her field of expertise. Due to the time-consuming nature of such the position they are rarely actively involved in the day-to-day running of their department.

Technically subordinate to the Supreme-Overseer in terms of placement, to all intents and purposes a Kaeneian of this position is the ultimate controlling point of his or her department- Actively assuming all facets whilst their superior is absorbed by the business of the Aengelistoria Dominica.

At this stage of government, the overall assumption of duty ceases. Departments further fracture into sub-sections, an example being Internal Administration which breaks down into such areas of responsibility as power generation, municipal services, housing provisions and so on. Overseers consequently take charge of one facet of these newly fractured departments -- Continuing to report to their relevant superior.

The direct junior of the Overseer. It is this position that deals with the majority of the logistical work which is created by the decisions of the Overseer, and it is the Master Adept’s task to implement these changes as they are decided upon. They also carry status as advisers to the Overseer, as they are usually well versed in their respective fields.

Legislative Facet

The Serene^Union is divided into Provinces, granted considerable autonomy in matters of non-national legislation, eight in total, these being in order of size and population: Solarri, Byzantineri, Khandrisii, Xirithias, Fortuna, Meridiaa, Xiana and the Northern Fortresses. Each Province is further sub-divided into Regions, of which the number is not fixed and can vary considerably from one area to another. The ultimate head of any Province is the Provincial Governor Supreme, of the Province and regions contained therein (Governer), whom is appointed by a Committee of the Aengelistoria Dominica and staffed by those on merit of experience. The Governor is the focal point for activity at a legislative level within that province. He or She has powers which enable policies to be implemented across a considerable spectrum. All policies, however, are cleared by the Aengelistoria Dominica. Beneath the Governor is the Cabinet, comprised of people selected by the Governer who act as advisors. The Cabinet represents the Govenor in the Provincial Dominica.

In theory Provinces can be created by a simple Act of Supremacy by the Aengelistoria Dominica; however the current total of eight dates back to national unification and is unlikely to change in the future.

The Provincial Dominica is a consultative, unicameral chamber populated by Regional Citizen Representatives (RCPs), sent by member regions of the respective Province. Here, matters of concern are raised for address by the Governor or Cabinet and prospective policies are debated. The number of representatives from each region isn't fixed, and follows a rough formula of fifty thousand citizens to one RCP. Because of the fantastic sizes of the Provinces and the Regions they contain, each RCP has a considerable staff for their use.

The lowest form of legislative authority is seen within the Regions, the foundations of each Province. Here power is vested in a special Citizen Appropriation and Delegation Committee (CAD Committee), which acts essentially as a conventional City or Rural Council might. The members of these committees are usually mostly appointed by their respective Governor, though only a small number will find their way to this seat by appointment, the rest being selected by those already in place. It is the CAD's perogative to select the RCPs whom will represent their Region at a Provincial level.

Each Province sends fifty representatives to the National Consultative House of the Union (The House of Union), known as Provincial Delegates (PDs). The House of the Union is unicameral -- It has a merely consultative power and does not hold any legal sway. However when any issue raises a significant feeling in the House, it is in the nature of good government for that feeling to be used as a base for decision-making.

Judicial Facet

The Judicial system of the Union stands as an offshoot of the government, not an independent institution. The Law itself, or the power to enforce it is neither supreme nor seperate. Authority is combined with the executive and the Office for the Maintenance of Law.

Due to the Technocratic nature of Kaenei and the slim number of cases falling outside of strict criminal law, there exists no specified system for civil cases. They are pursued in the same way as any physical wrong or illegal action. Courts exist at the regional levels (Regions being what make up provinces) and Provincial level. Justicars (Judges) are appointed by the Regional/Provincial authority, on advice by the individual branches of the Office of Provincial Law, and the national department of the Office of Law. Courts of Appeal exist only at Provincial level below the National government.

At a national level the supreme judicial power of the land lies with The Grand Court of the Union, which hears cases involving multiple provinces, crimes against the Union as a whole, or otherwise difficult proceedings which they may be offered to take to trial. The Grand-Justicars which are seated upon the court are appointed by the Governor-General for life, unless unfit to serve or otherwise bring disgrace upon themselves, with the agreement of the Supreme-Justicar and Overseer Aengelis.

The Governor-General along has sole power to grant clemency and may if desired issue pardon, or choose to reduce sentences. This power may be delegated in a limited capacity to the Chief Justicar of the Office for the Maintenance of Law for the purposes of increasing prison sentences.


The Act of Supremacy (Citizenship Bill EA025/02/AD), is the piece of legislation setting forth the bulk of law on the subject of Citizenship within the Union. The recently passed Act of Supremacy (Citizenship and therein EA517/4500/AD) reaffirms that the Aengelistoria Dominica does not recognise or accept the concept of dual-citizenship. Kaeneian citizens and subjects are forbidden from becoming a foreign national by their own direct action.

A [Kaeneian] Citizen is entitled to the following:

  • Right to abode within the Serene^Union.
  • To be selected, and serve in Government Office.
  • To serve in the Armed Forces as a commissioned Officer or above.
<div" class="plainlinksneverexpand">kaeneianpassportrender7bo.jpg

The integral concept to citizenship within the Union is Jus Sanguinis (right of blood). The only way to attain citizenship is to be born of Kaeneian citizens. Whether a prospective child is born within Union territory or out with is irrelevant; the child shall hold Kaeneian citizenship if either one of its parents holds likewise. Unlike many other nations, Kaeneian nationality does not provide for naturalisation or any other form by which an "alien" might obtain citizenship.

A second class of Citizenship also exists, that of a Kaeneian Subject. It is important to note that this second classification conveys very little usefulness, it instead serves as both a warning and stern reminder of the Aengelistoria Dominica's continuing enforcement of the policy of genetic isolationism. A Kaeneian Subject is one recognised by the Union only in the most basic legal terms. They are not granted many of the rights of a Kaeneian citizen, and can only serve in the armed forces to a limited degree (As a non-commissioned officer or Adept). Furthermore, a citizen who knowingly gives birth to what will become a Kaeneian Subject forfeits their own citizenship and is reduced to a subject themselves. Since this does not include the right of abode it is in effect a form of exile.

Acts of Supremacy

The term Act of Supremacy is an inclusive name for important articles of national legislation.: such as those regarding religion in governance and citizenship. When an Act of Supremacy is passed, it is the definitive national decision on any given issue.

Kae Solarri biological differences

A noted factor of Kae Solarri is a considerably less efficient liver detoxification system, specifically in the breakdown of hydrocarbon compounds such as alcohol. 'Alcoholic beverages from Kaenei are often commented on as weak when experienced outside of their borders.

The visual spectrum is markedly different to its Human counterpart. Constant exposure to harsh elements and lack of direct sunlight has caused the Kaeneian retina to detect, for intents and purposes, a blue tint over everything. Many a wise-cracking foreigner has commented on this matching a Kaeneian's dour mood.

Kae Solarri Homo Sapien
Comparable (Taller average height) 170 centimetres.
Comparable. 65 kilograms.
Skin colour lies strongly towards pale white. Skin colour can range from very dark brown to very pale pink.
Hair colour tends to dark shades, commonly black (Blonde being extremely rare). Hair ranges from blonde to brown to red, but most commonly, black.
Average sleep requirement is between four and seven hours a day for an adult and ten to fourteen hours for a child. Average sleep requirement is between seven and eight hours a day for an adult and nine to ten hours for a child.


A typical Kaeneian mind is far more organised, and less prone to emotional outbursts than its Human counterpart. While a Kaeneian isn't immune to such emotions, it is looked down upon to let those things take control of oneself. This imposed stoicism provokes the blinded observation that Kaeneians are as unimaginative as the electronic intelligences they spawn. Bustling crowds, bright colours and what can be generally regarded as a "party atmosphere" are all found distasteful by native Kaeneians. They are often loathe to associate with foreigners, though they will to remain polite.

Personal values

An average Kaeneian values three core beliefs above all else- Honesty, Tolerance and Non-interference. The first is obvious in origin, as the displacement that saw the Union founded and billions displaced remains an ever-lasting indication of the horror of deception.

Though Kaeneians generally have had no contact with other races, they believe no people holds divine right upon another under any circumstances. It's a general believe that imposing one's will upon another isn't a power statement, merely a terror statement.

Unfortunately, Non-interference often conflicts with Tolerance. Kaeneian values teach that second only to Honesty is the vital truth that all beings are entitled to fulfil their affairs without interference. To pursue dreams and stumble, or achieve their desires and leap upwards, is neither for a Kaeneian nor his people to directly interfere with. This concept had been stretched to the breaking point in recent decades, the Sketchen war virtually destroying this fundamental.

Religion is a fundamentally foreign concept to the people of the Union. It is important to remember the Kaeneian mindset in relation to any acceptance of a higher power or deity. Generally, to a Kaeneian, there is no higher individual to answer to than one's self. Only the common moral and ethical beliefs of a people bound into codified law act as a safeguard against the ravaging excesses of sentient nature, and when so little stands between society and anarchy, to hand free will away from Kaeneian to the supernatural is seen as an error, and a catastrophic leap of faith.


The various structures of Kaenei are remarkably different to many other foreign constructs. Preferring not to cluster together, and create senses of claustrophobia, Kaeneians far prefer the concept of space management without compromising on efficiency. The tower is a pinnacle of Kaenei craft. Never has such a simple, open idea spawned a myriad of solutions. From the city spanning, cloud grasping behemoth of the Spire -- to the small, compact habitation towers that house many Kaeneians to this day.


Foremost, the Serene Union is a Technocracy. As such, money is redundant. The only comparable currency is the Energy-Credit which determines the levels of power consumed by individuals within the Union, and is not affected by employment or qualification and is thusly not an indicator of wealth or success. The Serene^Union does not trade actively with outsiders. All goods that are required are manufactured within their borders. There are exceedingly few corporations within Kaenei, for their presence would be pointless. The Serene Union is capable of maintaining basic standards of living in-house, as it has done for centuries beforehand. With the advancement of technologies, coupled with the increasing threats of a militaristic world, the Serene^Union does, on a strictly non-regular basis, trade in high gain computational systems and limited raw materials.

However, there are entities owned by the state which are charged with providing services under the all-encompassing provisions of the Aengelistoria Dominica. They're expected to cover a multitude of things a Kaeneian might encounter within the normalcy of his or her day; power generation, sanitary systems, and heavy industry supplied by such devolved assemblies. The most well-known of these state-maintained entities outside of the Serene^Union is Air Kaenei, the state Gravline and primary carrier of internal and trans-world Kaeneian air traffic.

Church and State

The Act of Supremacy (Religion and practice thereof EA517/4966/AD) States:

The state, deemed to include the workings of government such as legislature, consultative, executive and judicial shall now and forever remain seperated and impartial to the affairs, beliefs and practices of religion, organised or otherwise. The state shall endorse and give good-favour to no religion over another and seek not the establishment of a preferential. Holders of theological position shall henceforth be prohibited from also holding state office, to ensure the seperation of practised worship and government is maintained.

Despite an overwhelming consensus on the subject from a purely logical point of view (with a near one hundred percent of population confirming themselves as Non-Religious/Atheist) it's believed a significant minority numbering in the hundreds of thousands practice Celestialism.

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Current events

An Unfortunate End
Events preceding "Whatever Gets You Through The Day."
A Final Barrier Broken
The Timeship Scoperta and her Kaeneian crew are forced (More some than others) to work closely with Cetagandan, Der Angst and Dominion Envoys to safeguard their existance following a successful, though crippling test of a Temporal Displacement Drive.
A Gateway between Stars
The discovery of an ancient Baroque-Kaeneian transport gate releases the possibility of a return to the Home sectors of Kaenei, and perhaps, the long abandoned homeworld of Solarri.
The End Justifies The Means
The Intelligence Directorate acts to safeguard the Serene^Union from the incessant and threatening nature of their own citizen's emotions.
Whatever Gets You Through The Day
Governor-General Sophia Byzainti is forced to find an unusual solution to a unique problem and rely on those she has few ties to, when the newly restored holographic form of Minister Killthanus comes to the conclusion he no longer wishes to exist.

International Relations

Charter of the Triumvirate of Yut

Charter of the Non-Democratic Alliance