The Sheridan Islands

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The Peoples Republic of the Sheridan Islands
Flag of the Sheridan Islands
Motto: No fat people on the nude beaches!
Region International Democratic Union
Capital Islington
Official Language(s) English
Government Representative Democracy
 - President Charles Whittington White
Independance From Brechenlass
 - Area Settled 1803 
 - Colonized by Royal Pagemaster 1806 
 - Taken by Brechenlass 1810 
 - Independence declared 1945 
 - Joined IDU, IDUC February 19, 2007 
 - Total 65000 km²
 - % water 40%
Population 4,579,624
Currency Conargo (IDU)
Internet TLD .kc
Calling code +515
NS Sunset XML

Member Nation
The Sheridan Islands is an economically developing nation in the International Democratic Union. It is one of the smallest nations in the union. The nation is located on a small archipelago in the Ayyubids-Oceania area of the IDU.


In 1803, English explorer James Sheridan discovered the islands. A colony was soon set up at Whitman Bay. In 1806, the islands were taken from the British by Royal Pagemaster. After only four years, the islands were taken by Brechenlass's First Empire. Under Brechenlasian rule, the people suffered. When the First Empire ended, the Sheridanians hoped to be relieved of the Brechenlasian rule. Unfortunately, they were kept by Brechenlass. The Second Empire of Brechenlass oppressed the Sheridanians even more than the first. By the end of World War II, the people were ready for change. After the Second Empire fell, the Sheridan Islands declared independance. With the help of Kedalfax, they set up a new democratic government.


The Sheridan Islands are governed by a representative democracy. The nation is divided into the Williams and Whitman sections. Each section elects ten Legislators, and then both sections elect five Legislators together. These 25 people form the Legislation, which votes on laws. A legislator may only serve four terms.

The President is elected by popular vote every five years. He is the head of state, and has the ability to veto laws, sign treaties, and call the military into action. The president may only serve two terms.

The Supreme Court is made up of five judges, elected by the people every ten years. Judges may serve any number of terms.

Other than the electoral sections, there is no federalization. Laws are passed at the national level, county level, and municipal level.

Laws and Punishment

Below is a table of laws and their punishment for natives and foreigners. Foreigners generally have a much lighter punishment for crimes than natives.

Murder 1 [1] 25 yrs.-life 10 yrs.-life
Murder 2 10-25 yrs. 5-10 yrs.
Possession of Marijuana
:With intent to sell
K$2/g fine, 1 night in jail
K$5/g fine, 1 week in jail
K$1/g fine
K$2/g fine, 2 nights in jail




  1. ^ Murder degrees follow the Second Scheme.


Scalable Map of the Sheridan Islands (Beta)