The Shin Ra Corp

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The Shin Ra Corp.
Shinra's corporate logo with the MIB emblem on it
Headquarters: Midgar
Nationality: The Private Property Of The Shin Ra Corp
Specialty: International Arms Trade

This article deals with the Shin Ra Corporation as NationStates nation. For the Final Fantasy 7 company, please read the Wikipedia article on the subject.

The Shinra Electric Power Company or simply the Shin Ra Corporation is a nation-owning corporation based upon the ShinRa Corporation from Final Fantasy 7. The Shin Ra Corporation was founded in the North Pacific and, after a brief period in a now-unknown and propably deceased right-wing region, moved to the Final Fantasy 7 region, where it met a great number of other ShinRa-inspired nations. The corporation once held a minor position in the now-deceased Men In Black region. Shortly before the end of said region, the region's founder, The Free Lands Of Alaska Northern Light, ejected the Shin Ra with orders to relocate to the PARADISE CITY region to refound. However, the Shin Ra spent a lengthy time in The Rejected Realms before instead relocating to Final Fantasy Plains, a region that was about to die. In fact, the last other remaining nation in the region, The Fire burning lands of Vivi of The oprah, ceased to exists some days later, leaving the Shin Ra as sole inhabitant and ruler of Final Fantasy Plains. The MIB emblem the Shin Ra had designed back in the days of the Men In Black region can still be seen on the nation's flag, although there are no connections anymore. It is named after the family that runs the corporation. In Japanese, the company is often called "Shin-Ra", though this name has not appeared in any English localizations to date.


Originally a small arms trade company, Shinra grew into a multi-conglomerate and recognizable regional power when mako power was developed. Mako Energy is created through the process of extracting a green etheral substance called "Spirit Energy" from the Lifestream and out of the Planet via mako reactors where it is then condensed into a liquid and processed into a source of fuel and electrical energy.

The Shin Ra Corporation never took part in any of the invasion operations of the MIB, due to the fact that the corporation's leader where to busy with RL affairs to be present at the relevant dates. It did, though, during it's time in Final Fantasy 7, take influence on the internal struggles in the nation of Schultler, which finally led to the transformation of the country into a puppet of the Leninist Dynasty, controlled by High Commander Martinovikh. The corporation once built an embassy in Tocrowkia. The corporation also once bought a Paris gun from Military Arms, Inc., which propably became, after severe modifications, the Junon cannon.

Recently, the Shin Ra Corporation has been involved in internation arms trade, attempting to buy military equipment at least from Ezaltian Arms, Inc., propably for German Rebells and SchwarzKreuz Of Poland, both Leninist Dynasty nations.

A chart detailing the hierarchy of the Shinra Company

Despite being classifed as a corporation, its operations resemble more those of a government than those of a typical company, as it has a standing military with various specialized operatives, and local politicians — such as Domino, the mayor of Midgar — are housed as employees within the Shinra headquarters.

Shinra is comprised of several departments: Urban Development (headed by Reeve Tuesti); Public Safety Maintenance (headed by Heidegger); Weapons Development (headed by Scarlet); Science (headed by Professor Hojo); and Space Exploration (headed by Palmer).

Shinra owns and operates the infrastructure of Midgar, the Junon military base, the rebuilt town of Nibelheim and the various mako reactors scattered around the territory it controls. They also financed the building and operation of the Gold Saucer, a combined amusement park-casino entertainment complex. The mako reactors that appear in the game's story are the 8 mako reactors around Midgar, the Mt. Nibel reactor, the Corel reactor, the Gongaga reactor, the undersea reactor at Junon and the Fort Condor reactor. The Fort Condor reactor is no longer in operation by the time the story begins, and the Gongaga reactor suffered a meltdown sometime prior to the beginning of the game, suspending operations there. During the story, reactors 1 and 5 in Midgar are destroyed by AVALANCHE, but are later repaired. Shinra Corp. and AVALANCHE also reluctantly joined forces when it was discovered that Sephiroth's destruction of the world through Meteor was iminent.


The Shin Ra's first leader was President Shinra who ruled through money control, but after being murdered by Sephiroth, he was succeeded by his son Rufus, who had served as vice-president until that time, as President, Rufus was even more ruthless, preferring to rule through fear rather than money. Rufus himself is then seemingly killed late in the story, engulfed in an explosion at the Shinra headquarters. Temporarily without a leader to control the company, the other executives attempt seizing control, in some cases turning on each other to gain momentary power. However, it was revealed that Rufus survived his ordeal and has the intentions of restoring his company and undoing the damage it caused to the Planet. He is still followed by four members of the Turks (Reno, Rude, Elena, and Tseng), all of which are very loyal to him. It is also possible some former SOLDIERs follow him, too, though this is highly unlikely.


Shinra maintains its own military (officially referred to as "The Department of Public Safety Maintenance"), which consists of units of various ranks, as well as the specially trained and elite SOLDIERs. Other notable aspects of Shinra's everyday military forces include widespread usage of advanced robotics and hover technology.

Shinra also employs their Turks operatives (officially entitled as "The Investigation Division of the General Affairs Department"), whose duties include the scouting of potential SOLDIER recruits, assassinations, espionage and serving as bodyguards for the company's executives.

While nowhere near major NS world powers like Tocrowkia and Laurasia, the corporation still is a military force to recon with on regional scale.

Foreign Relations

The corporation maintains an embassy in Tocrowkia, is an official ally of Shumway Country and arms supplier to several Leninist Dynasty nations. Due to the specialisation of the nation/corporation and the ruthlesses with which it acts, it is most likely that The Shin Ra Corp is on contact with several rogue nations and terrorist or militant organizations disapproved by the majority of players and especially despised by alliances holding up the ideals of freedom, peace and democracy. The corporation preferably buys military equipment from Military Arms, Inc. and Ezaltian Arms, Inc., although it is always on the lookout for good deals elsewhere. The corporation has recently applied to become member of the Corporate Alliance.

Mako creations and uses

Mako serves as ShinRa Corporation's main source of power, as well as the basis for many of their technology and hardware.

Mako Reactor

One of the primary uses of Mako within Shin Ra, the Mako Reactor condenses mako energy into liquid form for use as a fuel and as a source of electrical power, and by today, mako energy has made fossil fuels such as oil and coal obsolete. Shinra uses the dependence of their own population aswell as other nations on energy as a way of gaining and strengthening their power. The corporation possesses a total of fourteen Mako reactors - the eight in Midgar, the Mt. Nibel reactor, the Corel reactor, the Gongaga reactor, the undersea reactor at Junon, Fort Condor reactor and a micro reactor powering the embassy in Tocrowkia. Today, the Fort Condor reactor is no longer in operation, and the Gongaga reactor had suffered a meltdown. Midgar Reactors 1 and 5 had been destroyed by AVALANCHE, but number 5 was repaired in time to be used to power the Sister Ray along with the remaining six.

Junon Cannon/Sister Ray

The Paris Gun and it's transformation into the Junon Cannon

The Shinra naval base over the fishing town of Junon was equipped with an enormous artillery cannon (which was longer than the town itself) aimed out over the sea. It fired massive Mako-enhanced artillery shells of extraordinary range and destructive power, as seen when the cannon destroys the Sapphire WEAPON with a single shot, when the WEAPON attacks Junon. After the destruction of the Sapphire WEAPON, it was rendered useless by the removal of Junon's huge materia, and was moved to Midgar, where it could be powered by the combined output of the city's eight mako reactors.

In its new form, the cannon was fired only once in attempt to destroy the energy barrier Sephiroth had erected around the Northern Crater, the recoil from the blast was strong enough to break all of the windows in the Shinra Tower, and the blast itself was strong enough to destroy both the Diamond WEAPON (which the beam passed through as if it weren't there) and the energy barrier that was its target. Later, AVALANCHE infiltrated Midgar and disabled the Sister Ray to prevent an overload incited by Professor Hojo, Head of Shinra's Science Department, that could have destroyed the entire city.

Two years after the end of Sephiroth and destruction of Midgar by METEOR, the Sister Ray still stands, though it has fallen into decay along with the rest of the city.

The matter of the cannon's name has led to some confusion. Though Scarlet 'names' the cannon the Sister Ray after it is transferred to Midgar, it is nevertheless seen to already bear this name on its barrel before the move. She may have "suggested" the name to Rufus after already taking the liberty of naming it such.

Other uses

Mako was one of the two main components in enhancing members of SOLDIER (examples of individuals enhanced with mako include Zack, Cloud Strife and Sephiroth), and its by-product, materia, was a valuable source of income for Shinra, as well as a powerful source of weaponry, used by both the Turks and SOLDIER. It was also used in a series of horrific experiments by Professors Gast and Hojo on living people. For additional uses of Mako, see the page on Materia.