The Sinijiil

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During the World Cup 19 Qualifers, a Rejistanian symbol of power, known as The Sinijiil, disappeared from a temple in Hetkali. The temple was dedicated to the Inikresaistic deity Taderekansa, one of the deities on the side of Relekekansa in the eternal fight. It was stolen by the Nova Britannican archaeologist, adventurer and all-round super-babe Keira Hamilton. She, however, was tricked into stealing the Sinijiil by a mysterious Guru named Yandaki, hired by the Nova Britannicus Football Association.

Yandaki used the symbol to incite Karela-like performances from the team of the nation it resides in. Two brave, ex-cop, Rejistanian monks, Jaju and Taka, travelled to Nova Britannicus to look for the Sinijiil. After locating it in the headquarters of the NBFA, Jaju and Taka disguised themselves as cleaners and entered the Building. After delving deep into the inner sanctums, they found Yandaki and a cohort of monks chanting around the Sinijiil.

All this came to a head during the second round match of the World Cup 19 Finals, Nova Britannicus Versus Audioslavia. As the match stretched to extra time and then penalties, Jaju and Taka faced off against Yandaki in a magical duel. Finally the Rejistanians shattered Yandaki's magical power and Nova Britannicus lost the shoot-out.

The Rejistanians returned to their homeland with the Sinijiil, and they would hope that Rejistania's defensiveness will return. However, the men at the top of the Nova Britannicus Football Association, of which Charles Worsley was now a member, were wanting the Navy-Blues to go all the way to a World Cup Finals once more...