The Sunbelt

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The Sunbelt
Forum: Sunbelt Forums
Population: 28 nations (incl. the "belligerent" Novaya Khabana)
Delegate: Daemoniata
Founder: Austrivum
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

The Sunbelt region is committed to an excellence of interaction between nations by setting its foundation upon realistic approaches, well-conceived national and international development, and practical and inventive roleplaying. In keeping with the "realistic approaches" above, nations are encouraged to have an element of realism in their nation's name, rather than being generic or witty. Activity within the region is stressed above interaction in the broader NationStates world, and many nations interact solely with other Sunbelt nations (as well as with some international organizations such as CACE and nations residing in regions such as Europe and The Heartland).

Recently the region has seen a downturn in activity with many members expanding to The Heartland and other regions in the nationstates world.

Geography of the Sunbelt

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Sunbelt Members

Other Areas of Interest

Sunbelt nations maintain a listing of The Sunbelt Airports as well, as new destinations are being added constantly. See also International Airports (link TBD).

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