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The Tropical Socialist Republic of The Weegies (Weegie: Republaigh Iaghaichna Saichialigh na Weaighan), or The Weegies for short, is a small nation in Greater Aperin comprised of an archipelago of twelve islands, and is a member of ACA, IFTA, and the CACE. Also known rather humorously as the "Drunken Heated Argument of the Weegies", (Weegie: Ciaughlan Haighcil I'alchanaigh na Weaighan), due to a popular perception of the habits and nature of its citizens, The Weegies is surrounded by the bodies of water known as the Rigan Sea and the Alcaerin Ocean. It is located off the south-eastern coast of the continent of Aperin, and is south-west of The Mulrooneys and Sacco & Vanzetti.

The Weegies
Flag of The Weegies
Motto: "Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither."
The Weegies.
Region Anticapitalist Alliance
Capital Mackintosh
Official Language(s) Weegie, Rigan, Celdonian
Leader Council Leader Alan Sharkey
Population 10.5 Million
Currency Siohanhla 
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Before the twelve islands of the Weegies were united, a vast number of clans proliferated, and in the largest island Weegia, the clans developed into nascent townships, and a budding civilisation was developed around the coasts. This lead to the loose semi-state known as the Confederation of Townships.


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Weegies take a keen interest in a number of sports, but the one towering above all others in terms of total bloody-minded devotion is, of course, football. (Or soccer if you are so inclined.) The Weegies has a large and thriving league system which began in 1932 with just 8 sides, and has grown since then. The Weegie football competition was recently expanded into four leagues, the highest of which, the Weegie Premiership, contains 16 teams. Mackintosh has historically contained the dominant sides, with both Mackintosh Thistle Celtic and Mackintosh Armadillos both staying in the top echelons of the Weegie league set up since the beginning, and collecting between them a slim majority of Championship Trophies. Other teams are challenging them seriously now, however, with both Buchanan LFC and the relatively new side Lylia Foresters hot on the heels of the two Mackintosh sides.

The Weegies has also sent a national side to the World Cup since World Cup VII, although it has only qualified twice for the finals of the competition; once in World Cup X, and once in World Cup XXIII, where it did not make it beyond the group stage. The Weegie national side has seemed to have gained a reputation in the World Cup as a side which seems to ruin almost every chance possible that it has to qualify for the World Cup to the point in which it is almost comical; winning seven games in a row and then losing or drawing the next seven has to be the most farcical of all of the international campaigns the Weegie side has played, although a disappointing performance in the Aperin Cup of Nations 2004, against sides which had never participated in a World Cup, was also rather humiliating. As a result of this failure to qualify, the Weegies are seen as somewhat of an also-ran in the international stage, but a dangerous also-ran, which has the capability to pull off some interesting results. The closest the Weegies have ever got to an international football trophy was in the first Cup of Harmony final where they lost to the hosts, Warnocks Wizards.

The Weegies did also have a brief shining period in international field hockey, reaching the Hockey World Cup Final twice, although never gaining a trophy.


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