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The West Pacific
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Population: 4,714 nations (As of 06-02-2007)
Delegate: TAOs UN NATION a.k.a. The Acutely Obtuse

The West Pacific exists as a super region of the game,and also one of five birth regions, known collectively as the Pacifics. Below is a long list of the governmental offices and their current holders.

Delegate History

  • The Federation of Commercial Affairs - Invading nation from the Atlantic Alliance, served well nonetheless.
  • The Free Republic of Norion – Norion deposed the former dictator by use of guerrilla action in which many nations were banned. During office he survived three separate elections from SLR, Erlad & Darlin and though received allegations of abuse of power was the first to establish a constitution and introduce ministers, he was in office for about one year.
  • The Rightly Guided Republic of Berhampore - Won a very hotly contested election between himself, MVS (Kurdazistan), Mars University and Gosstoepia (Kohldstare), which was marked by allegations of NPO spies and ADN interference. Berhampore's first act was to eject the nations of MVS (as a possible spy for the NPO) and Harkinnen, who had recently been appointed Defense Minister. Norion left the region but returned just prior to the Overnight Reset – Berhampore ejected him. He disband the previous Constitution and declared the Provisional Government, chartering the ConComII ( see: West Pacific Slang ) which created a working Constitution and government that lasted 2 years.
  • The United Commonwealth of Biteland - Due to a game glitch gained the delegacy for 2 days, and allowed the government to continue on a business as usual pace. Previously he had been regent, which shows that the system of having a trustable 2nd in command works. Berhampore re-gained the delegacy shortly afterward.
  • The Rightly Guided Republic of Berhampore - Regained Delgacy after the glitch and was voted in for anouther term by the council of the West Pacific. Resigned on New Years Day 2005
  • The Peaceful Society of Lake Lanier (Lanier) - Gained the Delgacy after Berhampore suddenly resigned from the Delgacy. Held the position as acting-Delegate until elections could be held and a new Delegate elected.
  • The Crazily Insane People of ZetaOne - Replaced Lanier after a hotly contested election with The Shotgun Seat and The Acutely Obtuse (TAO). Came to hold some of the highest endorsement numbers seen in The West Pacific, getting The West Pacific the strongest voice in the UN. Stepped down after some call an unethical 'test' in which a few members of the West Pacific were banned to test Government responses.
  • The Discordian Empire of Minineenee - Replaced Zetaone after his 'test' of the West Pacific government. Easily won reelection. On Nov 3 2005 declared Constitution void, declared the West Pacific Dominion and imposed martial law. She stepped down less then 48 hours later when Biyah resigned as Shasoria declared the West Pacific Dominion dissolved, rather then cause a civil war.
  • The Freedom Loving Republic of Wickedly Evil People - Declared Regent only weeks before he replaced Minineenee after she stepped down after the abortive West Pacific Dominion was dissolved. Uncertain security conditions delayed Delegate vote (to have taken place during the Coup); a Council resolution endorsed the delay. Wickedly Evil People, a.k.a. Eli, declaired TWP efforts to rebuild after The West Pacific Dominion futile and decided to create his own governemnt that he and he alone could decide what the governemnt would consist of. This divided TWP as before with WPD and eventually Shasoria, appointed leader of the Government in Exile, and Eli came to an understanding uniting TWP.
  • The Democratic Republic of Shasoria - Was elected to the postion of First Minister and Delegate on September 7 2006 by majority vote of the Senate in a three candidate election with the then incumbert, Wickedly Evil People, and with ZetaOne. The transition of the delegacy was smooth and politically uneventful.
  • The Undeniable Identification of TAOs UN NATION (TAO) - Was elected to the postion of First Minister and Delegate on May 27 2007 by majority vote (76.6%) of the Senate in a three candidate election with Biteland, and with Freedom&Pride. The transition of the delegacy was smooth and politically uneventful. On June 7 2007, TAO allowed Cave Canem to pass him in endorsements to become the Delegate in a pre-arranged military action that is now called OPERATION SLINGSHOT. Three days later, TAO regained the Delegate seat.
  • The The Applied Philosophies of Cave Canem - On June 7 2007, TAO allowed Cave Canem to pass him in endorsements to become the Delegate in a pre-arranged military action that is now called OPERATION SLINGSHOT. The action was taken to make use of the game's Influence rules to secure the region. Three days later, TAO regained the Delegate seat.
  • The Undeniable Identification of TAOs UN NATION (TAO) - Returned to the Delegate seat on June 10 2007 after the successful completion of OPERATION SLINGSHOT.

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Government Positions

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West Pacific Ambassadors

  • The Foreign Ministry of the West Pacific is in the stages of rebuilding and hopes to once again be the largest and most impressive in all of NS

Updated January 30, 2007

Region —  Ambassador(s)
ACCEL —  Reborn Carlopia
Alpha Omega —  Freedom and Pride
British Overseas Territory —  Kaze Hikari
Equilism —  Shasazarade
The Exodus —  ZetaOne
Feudal Japan —  Rolheath
Founderless Region Alliance —  Rolheath
Galt's Gulch —  North Harmoneia
Gatesville —  North Harmoneia
Great Britain & Ireland —  Kickingandscreaming
The Great Land of the Moon —  Kaze Hikari
International Democratic Union —  Biyah
Lazarus —  The Realm of the Realm
Liberalia —  The Realm of the Realm
Lone Wolves United —  Dezzland
Nasicournia —  Indycar Racing
North Pacific —  Papercuts & Skittles
Q102 —  Clockwork Isle
Red Sox Nation —  Dezzland
Scroll Islands —  Ossie Ostrich
The Stronghold —  Biteland
Taijitu —  Kingsteck
Torino —  Freedom and Pride
The United Kingdom —  Papercuts & Skittles
The East Pacific —  BIteland
The Meritocracy —  ZetaOne
The North Pacific —  Eli
The Pacific —  Reborn Carlopia
The Rejected Realms —  Ooomph
The South Pacific —  Clockwork Isle
The Young World —  Dezzland

[ 2 ]

West Pacific Governmental History

Prime Minister (defunct)

  • Previous Names: Pre CC2: CEO of Provisional government
  • Lanier – Lanier was a patriot and one of the most liked players ever to grace the game called NationStates. He was also the Chair of the second Constitution Convention. After a long Absence Lanier has returned to the game of NationStates.

- Changed to Prime Minister -

  • Minineenee - The first Prime Minister of the West Pacific. So far Neenee ( see West Pacific Slang ) has had an impeccable record within the regional both pre and post her ascension by vote to the Top Role. Her enthusiasm and genuine warmth has been a cornerstone for the region through times of heightened tensions. She appointed Zetaone as her Deputy.
  • Dilber - Replaced Minineenee after a very tightly contested vote. Dilber has been r a key figure in WP politics. During his first term he reorganised the cabinet and was highly crtitical of the changes that were occuring in The North Pacific. Dilber stepped down after three sucessful terms (9 months). Dilber named TAO as his Deputy Prime Minister during all three terms.
  • Biyah - Stepped down from the Regency and replaced Dilber as Prime Minster after easily winning the election. He later resigned after an abortive attempt with several other Ministers to launch a new regime named The West Pacific Dominion. Biyah also named TAO as his Deputy Prime Minister.
  • TAO - Assumed the position of Prime Minister on a temporary basis after the West Pacific Dominion fell and Biyah resigned. TAO called for immediate elections to name a new Prime Minister but TAO did enter into the running.
  • Dilber - Was voted in a close race between against The Shotgun Seat. Dilber placed the reunification and revitalization of the region as his top priorities after the Dominion Affair.
  • TAO - Assumed the position of Prime Minister again after Dilber resigned during the trials following The Dominion Affair. TAO placed the Region under Martial Law and called for a new Constitutional Convention, CC3. The region dissolved into chaos prompting Wickedly Evil People (Eli) to take control of the region which became the root cause of the conflict between The West Pacific Triumvirate (WPT) and the Government-in-Exile (GiE).

This Position became defunct around 16-4-2006 after Reunification


  • Previous Names: Under Norion and CC1: Vice Delegate
  • Darlin - She came a close 2nd in the second last election so Norion created the position of Vice Delegate which could have a high endorsement level than most players and could move into the top position if something happened to the delegate. Darlin's term in Office was a short one as mods kicked her out of the UN for apparent rule infringements.
  • Kurdazistan (MVS) - Kurdazistan came long before MVS. Kurdazistan was Darlin's replacement and was appointed by Norion. Other than ruffling a few feathers with his sometime abrupt stile of leadership MVS's time in office was generally a quiet one with his leadership of House Absolute as the nascent law body in the West Pacific. "In the May Elections in which Norion was to voluntarily step down MVS revealed himself, after lengthy denials due to the nature of his 'work' in the Pacific, to be Kurdazistan. In the chaos that followed members of the ADN participated in the Soft Invasion, endorsing Norion in a bid to keep MVS from becoming Delegate until Berhampore could gather enough endorsements. When Berhampore was elected MVS was immediately ejected but after a day (and the dissolution of his endorsements), was allowed back into The West Pacific." (In actuality, other than the writer of this post being ignorant of the long-time history of the West Pacific, long before quasi communists in the Pacific; Kurdazistan, along with Norion and other non-native groups liberated the West Pacific from the Atlantic Alliance. Kurdazistan, along with the full knowledge of Norion, wished to spread this freedom to more unfortunate regions (see: The Pacific). The ADN, having not been able to successfully free the Pacific after many repeated failures, decided to reshape the West Pacific.)

- Changed to Regent -

  • Biteland – Placed into this position by Berhampore because he was his running mate in the last election. BIteland was The west Pacific's first Regent under the new consistiotion. His time in this position was less controversial than the last two Vice Delegates. During his time BIteland fostered community pride and was effectually dubbed Mr. Plan B ( see West Pacific Slang ) . Biteland Filled in for Berhampore during the UN Glitch and though tempted he did not Banject ( see West Pacific Slang ) those annoying players within the Region. BIteland stepped down from the position to find a more active role within the Government.
  • Guilder Channel - A well liked and trusted member of the region Guilder Channel's appointment by Berhampore was received warmly by the region.
  • Lanier - was appointed Regent upon Guilder Channels resignation. Served as Regent until becoming Acting-Delegate when Berhampore resigned.
  • Minineenee was appointed by ZetaOne to serve as regent. She served as Regent until becoming Acting-Delegate when Zetaone resigned.
  • Biyah was selected as Regent after he stepped down as Director of General Intelligence. After 100 days of service, he stepped out after being elected as Prime Minister of The West Pacific.
  • New Thyatira was recently appointed by Minineenee to serve as regent, but was forced to resign due to lack-of-time.
  • Wickedly Evil People was chosen to be the new Regent after New Thyatira was forced to resign. He then became the Delegate after the abortive West Pacific Dominion, when Minineenee resigned.
  • Biteland was selected by the new Delegate to return to his position of Regent.
  • Cave Canem was selected by Wickedly Evil People in order to ensure the security of the region in anticipation of First Minister elections.

This Position was thought to have been discontinued around 16-4-2006, however, it was only left vacant for a period, not formally eliminated

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Past Names: Under Norion: Foreign Affairs Minister, Under CC1 and CC2: Foreign Minister
  • Berhampore - Under Norion's regime negotiated the first 'official'defense treaty between the West Pacific and another region - the Allied States of EuroIslanders.
  • Halmont
  • Lanier
  • Freedom and Pride

Changed to Foreign Ministry

  • Minineenee
  • Dilber - Has formed and strengthened relations with many of are regional neighbors. Hosted a very successful conference between Tempest and the Scroll Islands.
  • Minineenee - after lossing her second term as PM, Minineenee was voted back into here former possition as Foreign Minister. In which she served until being asked to be Zetaone's Regent
  • Monte Ozarka - A former member of the North Pacific government that that joined the west. Her experiance has led to another increase in diplomatic activity in the tradition of her predecessors .
  • ZetaOne - Monte Ozark was unable to hold her position due to real life, so Biyah decided to move ZetaOne to the Foreign Ministry seat in hopes he could bring the ministry back to life. Stepped down in the aftermath of the Dominion coup.
  • Big-G of Neandertron - Big-G was invited by Dilber to run the Foreign Ministry to help reconnect the West Pacific with the rest of the NationStates world.

Changed to Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Clockwork Isle - After reunification of TWP Clockwork has taken the helm, via appointment of Eli, of the Foreign Affairs in hopes to bring our former allies up to date and re-establish treaties with most.

Ministry of Defense

  • Past Names: Defence Ministry
  • Ponte Verda - The first ever Minister
  • Looming Doom - held the Ministry till his leave of Absence form the Game
  • Meerkats
  • Harkinnen
  • Kegome
  • The Shotgun Seat - Reformed the Regions military after it was more or less disbanded under the previous ministers. Has helped with setting up and participating in several Regional and Inter-Regional War Games
  • Indycar Racing - Became Minister of Defense after the resignation of the Shotgun Seat. Removed the Regional Guard and created the WPLFAC
  • Big-G of Neadertron - Served as Minister of Defense for Dilber's last two terms. The army has expanded greatly during his tenure.
  • Dilber - Deciding not to run for a 4th term of Prime Minister, Biyah decided to place Dilber as Defense Minister. Where Dilber is currently running the ministy successfully.
  • Shasoria - As a some what contentious decision considering the recent coup Shasoria was asked to get the West Pacific's Military back up to their previous status which he has done and more.

Changed to Ministry of Defence

  • Shasoria - After reunification Shasoria was appointed by Eli to bring our troops back. Shasoria has reinstated the WPLF and is working hard to bring them to the defenders TWP once was.
  • Dalimbar - Appointed by Shasoria in September 2006.

Communications Minister (defunct)

  • Past Names:' Norion: Pubic Affairs
  • Biteland – Biteland was the first person elected into the position of Public Affairs minister in which he remained until the disbandment of the constitution under Berhampore. During his time the New Players handbook was written, also he tried to provide both side to the story when Norion ejected many of his running nations during, before or after elections most notable Darlin and Lanier. BIteland ran uncontested in his second election to the position but did not contest the new Communications Ministry as he was promoted to Regent.

- Changed to Communications Minister -

  • The Acutely Obtuse – TAO ( see West Pacific Slang ) has completely rearranged the Communications Ministry during his time as Minister. He added ComRangers as well as becoming a check for nominees for a ministry/council/GA/delegate positions. He has recently appointed Biteland as his deputy.
  • Biteland - After TAO was promoted to Deputy Prime Minister, BIteland was welcomed back into his old possition due to the cabnet reshuffle.
  • Ossie Ostrich - Recently has resigned from the position
  • Limitlees Events - Appointed by Biyah just before the coup and reaffirmed by the council in Dilber's new cabinet, Limitless has a large job ahead of him to reclaim the West Pacific Regional Headquarters from Spam.

This Position as been discontinued around 16-4-2006

Minister of Culture

  • Ossie Ostrich – Ossie’s job is to spunk things up on the Offsite boards. He is planning the biggest party in the West Pacific’s History so look out for it.

This Position as been discontinued around 16-4-2006

Minister of Justice (defunct)

  • Past Names: Under Norion: Grand Prosecutor, Under CC1 and CC2: Attorney General -
  • Halmont

- Changed to Attorney General -

  • Jiredy - Due to RL issues Jirdey was forced to step down as Attorney General
  • ZetaOne - He was unanimously voted in after Jirdey stepped down. When he lernt that he was voted in as Delegate-Elect (Soon to be Delegate), by TWP Law ZetaOne had to step down.
  • Chainik Hocker - He was put into place as acting AG when ZetaOne stepped down to become the new delegate. He was AG for two terms.
  • ZetaOne - Biyah felt it was time to put an older and experianced member back into the AG position. ZetaOne was approved along with the rest of Biyah's Cabinet.
  • Chainik Hocker - Biyah's compleated the reshuffle of the cabinet by sending Chainik Hocker back to the Attorney General seat replacing ZetaOne. Resigned post after supporting the Dominion coup.
  • Berhampore - Was voted in by the council as a member of Dilber's cabinet. As a sign of the continuing unrest and divisions in the Region the former delegate was not voted in unanimously. Sevaral nations voiced concerns over the appointment. Berhampore's main job was to decide who will be charged over the coup. As part of this he was appointed Chairman to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, investigating the activities of the Dominion. This effort failed and no trails where held.

Changed to Minister of Justice

  • Halmont - Elected in by the people, he actually proprosed that the origional job of Minister of Justice to be redefined. It origionally included the job of Cheif Justice. A Senate Vote split the two job up.

Ministry of State Security

  • Past Names: Pre CC3: Intelligence Ministry
  • Pontre Vedra
  • Task Force Totality
  • Jiredy
  • ZetaOne - Took over after Jiredy went MIA for two week. (Was Acting for two weeks) Norion quickly replaced him with Crazy Cats after he was informed.
  • Crazy Cats – may have been the highest placed spy ever to infiltrate the government of the West Pacific. His NPO affiliations were finally uncovered after the Lanier - Norion debacle when he revealed himself as double agent (having to leave the game for personal RL reasons).
  • Harkinnen (acting)- One of the most disliked players in The West Pacific, whether this was justified or not. He only had a short service as Minister as he was ejected as Berhampore came to power.

- 'Changed to Director of Intelligence' - Minister of State Security -

  • Faithful Lutherans - Left due to real life issue. He was Intel. Director for TSP as well.
  • Zetaone - Left the posistion to take over the AG position after Jiredy Left.
  • Looming Doom - Left the position to take over an AJ position.
  • Biyah - Resigned from the position and took the Regency.
  • Shasoria - Was appointed after Biyah resigned, and has since been reappointed by two Prime Ministers.
  • Enegro Montoya - Was appointed by Dilber to replace Shasoria, the details of his work though classified have been vital to the region and continue to be to this day. Also if there is someone out there with six fingers on their right hand beware Enegro Montoya will find you.

This position has be changed to Minister of State Security

  • Dilber- currently heads the department, and not much has been heard from it since Eli appointed him.
  • TAO and New People - Shasoria made a dual appointment in which the two Ministers share authority and responsibility.
  • Biyah - Took the Position when TAO became First Minister, resigned for lack-of-time

Director of The West Pacific News Agency (defunct)

Lake Lainer - Plagued with controversy, this office was denied by court order from being part of the Cabinet. Siting activity probelms, Lanier resigned the post.

This Position as been discontinued around 16-4-2006

Chief Justice

  • Halmont - The first West Pacific Justice
  • Ineedsleep- for a brief period in which Halmont had to Recuse himself
  • Halmont - returned to the position once the impeding court case was finished. He was elected to the position three times. Resigned for his role in the West Pacific Dominion.
  • Hipposhire - Elected by the Grand Assembly to replace Halmont.
  • Cave Canem - Elected by the Senate after the reunification.

Associate Justices

  • Ineedsleep & Schwarzchild - Elected by the Council and the Grand Assembly (note Guilder Channel was promoted to the position of Associate judge when Ineedsleep was promoted to Chief Justice, he stepped down on the return of Ineedsleep to his Associate Judge position)
  • Cave Canem & Kurdastan - elected by both the GA and the council these justices worked hard with Halmont to make the courts a place of fairness and tranperancy.
  • Looming Doom & Zeronial - The third group of associate justices
  • Looming Doom & Erastide - The fourth group of associate justices
  • Looming Doom & Enegro Montoya - The fifth group of associate justices. EM resigned to take up the position of Intel Director.
  • Looming Doom & The Shotgun Seat - The sixth group of associate justices
  • Schwartzchild & The Realm of The Realm - Schwartzchild was elected by the Senate, The Realm of The Realm appointed by Eli / Wickedly Evil People. The first group of associate justices under the post-reunification constitution.

Speaker of the Senate

  • Past Names: Speaker of the Council
  • Gosstoepia – He won the position running against Freedom and Pride in one of the most hotly contested elections. He quickly appointed Freedom and Pride to the deputy speaker position, and since then, both have been working as a team. Goss was loved by some and ridiculed for periods of inactivity by others. However, some of the most important laws in the Council's laws were passed under his and Freedom and Pride's watch.
  • Ossie Ostrich - The second Speaker of the Council. He defeated Gosstopia and was later re-elected. Ossie was forced to step down due to University comitments
  • Biteland - filled in between elections
  • Shasoria - Won a close race between Biteland and Freedom and Pride and won bid for re-election to win a second term in office, serving a total of six months. Over saw many important debates, votes and elections.
  • Ooomph - After serving a very eventful and distinguished term in office as Grand Assembly speaker he was elected in a close competition between BIteland, The Faeyas, and himself.

- Changed to Speaker of the Senate -

  • Shasoria - After Reunification, Shasoria won the Speaker elections easily, holding the position for two full terms before resigning.
  • Enegro Montoya - Served two terms, running unopposed for the second. Enegro Montoya is currently seeking a third term in office.

Speaker of the Grand Assembly (defunct)

  • Pax Romania - Pax stepped down on his acceptance into the council then left NS shortyl after.
  • Big-G of Neandertron - Replaced Pax as Speaker re-wrote the basic rules of the GA and kept a continuous emergency session so that more business could be conducted.
  • Shasoria - Reigned as Speaker of the Grand Assembly for 2 terms (7 months) in which he instituted many reforms to help the legislative process of the Grand Assembly. Began the GA Roster, fought for greater involvement and the lowering of population requirements, and helped bring semi-autonomy to the Grand Assembly.
  • Ooomph - The fourth GA speaker, has succesfully run discussions on the role and organisation of the grand Assembly, along with an ongoing discussion on the rules in which the Assembly should be run. He introduced the Grand Assembly Record, and he has begun questioning the cabinet of the Assembly.
  • Freedom and Pride - Appointed by Prime Minister Dilber after Ooomph was elected Speaker of the Council and stepped down.

This Position and Governemnt Branch has been discontinued around 16-4-2006

Justice Minister (defunct)

  • CandleLife (formerly known as Democracy at its Best) CandelLife served her term of office during the trial of Harkinnen that made history in Nation States.
  • Halmont
  • merged with Chief Justice under new constitution.

Political Affairs Minister (defunct)

  • Gosstoepia - One of the longest serving Ministers, Gosstoepia has overseen 4 separate elections as well as being a prominent member and moderator of the Off-Site Forums as well as a all around nice guy.
  • Replaced with the speaker of the council

[ 3 ]

Regional Awards

West Pacific Order of Freedom

  • Mars University - "A combative, opinionated, brash, insulting but for all that a brave and freedom loving nation fought back. He founded the Team Advantage forum - an unheard of idea! An 'alternate' forum to the official regional forums? Had that even been done before? It was a great idea and showed that the fight was not hopeless, that freedom of expression, freedom of speech WAS still a part of the West Pacific ideal. In recognition of the work, of the bravery, of the independent thought in defense of freedom of this nation, I, Berhampore, Delegate of the region of the West Pacific, do hereby grant the nation of Mars University an Award of the Order of Freedom. Aude sapere! Dare to Be Wise!" - Berhampore
  • Lanier - "There is little else I can say that many, many other nations have not already said about Lanier. His intelligence, wit and sheer energy recreated the West Pacific into the dynamic society it is today. In recognition of the indispensable courage and wisdom he had demonstrated, I, Berhampore, Delegate of the region of the West Pacific, do hereby grant the nation of Lanier an Award of the Order of Freedom. Aude sapere! Dare to Be Wise!" - Berhampore

Info Man Award

  • Ineedsleep - "Ineedsleep came to us as the sleepy dwarf we came to love. Little did we know that this sleepy dwarf had a huge talent.

Ineedsleep has shown to us a devotion to the region that we all can appreciate. Most of his work is behind the scenes as most do not know. Ineedsleep has been a very valuable player to our region. He has helped us in many ways that some of us may never know. He has brought us information that has been invaluable to us; not just once but continually. For Ineedsleeep’s devotion to our region, and his invaluable contributions to our region I, ZetaOne – The Delegate of The West Pacific, am proud to officially bestow upon Ineedsleep, The Info Man Award. The Info Man Award shows our region’s appreciation towards his hard work, protection, and love for our region." - ZetaOne

Meritorious Service award

  • Dilber - "I have been with Dilber for a very long time, I've offered him advice when things were bad, and I laughed with him when things went right. And through it all, I've seen much of what he had to endure as a 3 term Prime Minister. I have seen all the extra work he put in, above and beyond the call of duty for his job description. And what's more, I think he did it all believing it was nothing more then his job. All the late nights, the extra hours, and endless talks with both internal and external people about any number of things." - Biyah
  • TAO - Awarded by Dilber.

Nations to Hit the "Zeta-Mark" of 1000 Posts

  • Zetaone
  • The Shotgun Seat
  • Freedom and Pride
  • Minineenee
  • Big-G of Neandertron
  • Biteland
  • The Acutely Obtuse (TAO)
  • Berhampore
  • Chainik Hocker
  • Ineedsleep
  • Dilber
  • Looming_Doom
  • Nadnerb
  • Ossie Ostrich
  • Gosstopia
  • Shasoria
  • Biyah
  • Halmont
  • Ooomph
  • Florestan

[ 4 ]


The accuracy of this section is in doubt; you would be better served contacting the Foreign Affairs Minister directy. Please note that all alliances and memberships were suspended or revoked or otherwise discontinued around 16-4-2006 as part of the Reunification


  1. Delegate history taken from West Pacific History and was Written by Biteland
  2. Government Positions taken from West Pacific History and was Written By Zetaone.
  3. Governmental history taken from West Pacific History and was Written By Biteland, Zetaone & Ineedsleep.
  4. Regional Awards taken from West Pacific History and was Written By Biteland, Zetaone & Berhampore.
  5. The West Pacific's regional map was created by Biteland

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