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Flag of Thelas
Motto: Peace Through Power!
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Region Eldamar
Capital The Crystal City, Axara
Official Language(s) Sindarin, German, Old Sindarin, and Quenya
Leader Emperor Feaelenion
Population 6.708 billion
Currency Menelmacari Credit 
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Thelas is possibly the second largest Elvish nation in the World, second only to Menelmacar, and maybe Taurenor. The Thelasi culture itself is highly militaristic, largely basing its culture and economy off of the military machine. The Star Empire of Thelas currently is only comprised of one system, several military bases, and its Martian colony. Although at the moment small, there are plans to expand the empire into several neighboring systems.

Transportation through the Empire is provided by a combination of starships, and massive maglevs on the surface of the planets, or in a rare number of cases, between a planet and its moons: Delos. The Thelasi are also working on a group of “warp gates” modeled off of the Stargate system.

Currently, there is a great deal of debate between analysts over the actual strength of the Thelasi military. While some contend that the Thelasi military is an inefficient and unwieldy military body, others maintain that the Thelasi military is as a whole a competent fighting machine.

During the Shadow War Thelasi forces fought bravely against combined South Atlantic Treaty Organization Forces. While it is true that the war was partially started by a lack of communication between Thelasi and The Silver Turtle military units, later in the war, Empire forces were able to capture and hold The Hague for a significant period of time.

The Amalthea/ Io Conflict is unfortunately an example of the pre-rebuild Thelasi Military, where a lack of communication between ground commanders, Thelasi Military Intelligence, the Imperial Office, and diplomats. Fortunately, many of these flaws have been resolved by Emperor Fëaelenion and his predecessors.

In the Osage-Yvresse War, the most recent engagement that Thelasi units have been involved in, Thelasi forces once again proved their strength, fighting the Wakongi and Golem forces to a standstill (while the Thelasi also engaged spearmen, these forces were little more than canon-fodder against the armed Thelasi troops). While it is true that the Moncehotonga did begin a siege of the Pandora colony, the inability of the Thelasi to break the siege was more due to surprise at having to face unexpected weaponry in an unexpected environment. To be honest, the Thelasi Imperial Stellar Navy never had to engage enemies equipped with sonic weaponry in an underwater environment. Recently, the Thelasi military has begun intense collaboration between combat unit commanders, Advanced Development Labs, and Thelasi Military Intelligence to anticipate new enemy weapons systems.


Thelas was founded by citizens from the former independent town of Kizter, a border town, in between Menelmacari and The Empire Of The Eternal Dawn. The Thelasi left the city state of Kizter around 1500 A.D., after wandering for 23 years, they came to the continent of Thilis, inhabited by a group of primitive Humans. The Humans at first welcomed the Elves, whom they thought of as messengers of the gods. Unfortunatly for the elves and humans, one human, Antonio Matzera, became envious of the elvish life span and technology. He riled the humans to war, and they fought the elves. This brutal war was only prolonged by the brutal and prolonged guerilla warfare waged by the human rebels. In the end, the humans, formerly numbering over five hundred million, were reduced to less than a thousand. The humans and the elves began to reconcile under the leadership of General Theallas Nos Dagnir (Theallas, Slayer of Kin). Almost a century ago, the Thelasi Empire abandoned Earth and settled on the planet Axara.


Location: Thelas is located in the Mirimar system, composed of three planets and a massive asteroid shield that surrounds the system. The capital is on Axara, with a massive construction yard on the gas-giant of Delos, and mining bases on the two surrounding moons. A training center is located on the hostile world of Maximis, closest to the sun.

Terrain: Axara: Because of the planetary obit, Axara is a temperate world, covered by forests. With two huge ice-caps, and a relatively small rainforest band near the center, most of the planet is covered by massive forests, with trees hundreds of meters high, and sturdy enough for entire cities to be built in their branches. The Thelasi live in huge, walled, cities on the planet, cut out of the trees. Some other cities are literally built into the trees. Delos: A gas giant… Lunar 1 & 2 are barren, low gravity worlds, both of them are very functional, and not much else. Maximis: A hellish landscape. Because of its orbit, one side is always pointed towards the sun, the other side always facing space. Because of the ridge of mountains that separate the two sides, temperatures can go from three hundred degrees to negative twenty degrees by simply passing over the ridge. Also, gravity is not stable, on the irradiated side that faces the sun, there is almost no gravity, on the cold side, gravity is more than three times heavier than on Axara, or Earth.

Elevation Extremes:

Lowest Point: 2.34 KM, Chemise Mine Highest Point: Mt Henther, 3.54 KM

Natural Resources: Mithril, Suicol, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Timber, Coal, Oil, Fish, Oil, Uranium, Steel, ect.

Land Use:

Arable Land: Other: Permanent Crops:

Natural Hazards: Axara: Snow-storms and massive rain-storms are common on the planet. It is also not uncommon for there to be an earth-quake Delos: Gravity storms and ion storms are common, as solar flares hit the atmosphere, and asteroids pass by Lunar 1, 2 and the Delosi Ring Maximis: The entire planet is really one natural disaster. Solar flares can irradiate the Hot Side, and flash floods are common on the Cold Side, as the snow melts, after a Solar Flare hits the planet.


Life Expectancy at Birth:

Elven: indefinite Human: 130.23 years (average)

HIV/AIDS – Adult Prevalence Rate: 0.00002%

HIV/AIDS – People Living with AIDS: 900 (2003 Estimate)

HIV/AIDS – Deaths: Less than 200 (2003 Estimate)


Noun: Thelasi Adjective Thelasi

Ethnic Groups: Sindarin 85% Cat-people 6% Dwarves 5% Humans 4% Religion: Catholic-Faith 15% Faith 25% C’tanism 60%

Languages: German, Sindarin, High Sindarin, Quenya

Literacy: (See note)

Definition: Age 15 and over can read and write Total population: 100% Male: 100% Female: 100% Note: There is a slight discrepancy (RPed: 100%. Calculator: 63%) here between myself and the Sunset calculator. Simply put, I’m having trouble getting NS to follow after my own RP style.


Country Name:

Conventional Long Form: The Thelasi Star Empire Conventional Short Form: Thelas Local Long Form: Thelasi Tinu Aranarth Local Short Form: Thelas Abbreviation: TSE

Government Type: Imperial with Republican additions

Capital: The Crystal City

Administrative Divisions: Thelas Imperial Justice: the judicial branch, Thelas Economic Administration: a combination of many different organizations all tasked with protecting the Thelas economy, Thelas Administrative: the Thelasi legislative branch, High Command: All of the Force Commanders, TMI commanders, and representatives from all the other branches.

Dependant Areas: The United Hiigarans, the Taidani Star Empire. Ortheri One and Ortheri Three, Sairi Cuori, Thelas Fleet Production and Defense Asteroid Shield Base, Delosi Base, Axaran Prefecture, Maximis training center, many defense bases throughout the systems.

Independence: January 2 1523

National Holiday: Independence Day: January 2, Day of Sasvera: December 5

Legal System: Verdicts based on preponderance of the evidence; no presumption of either guilt or innocence. Trials by tribunal of judges. Similar in many ways to English-style common law, but several differences also. Dos not recognize ICJ jurisdiction.

Suffrage: 18 years of age for humans and 50 for Elves; universal. Many political parties exist, Conservatives, Democrats, Socialists, Fascists, Imperialists, Independents, Christian Liberals, Human Union.

Executive Branch:

Head of State: Emperor Nosirin Head of Government: Emperor Nosirin Cabinet: Commander Nesharin, Vice Emperor. Commander Rethenica, Head of Thelas Military Intelligence. Counselor Morenci, Economic Counselor. Elections: Every four years, for the House of Governors, and Citizens

Legislative Branch: The legislative branch is composed of the House of Governors, the House of Nobles and the House of Citizens. The House of Governors is composed of 50 elected governors from all over Thelas. The House of Nobles is a group of the most economically powerful business men, not elected, but allowed, on a simply basis of company stock value, there are only 20 current “nobles” in the house. The House of Citizens is composed of over 500 representatives, 10 representatives from each province, all selected on a rotating basis.

Judicial Branch: Imperial Justice

International Organization Participation: OPEC, The Accord of Leiden, Interpol

Environmental Agreement Participation: None



Economic Overview:

GDP: (Soon to come…)

GDP - per capita: (Soon to come)

Population Below Poverty Line: 0% (The Government administers a private funded “safety net”)

Unemployment Rate: 12%

Inflation Rate: 12%

Labor Force: 600 million

Industries: Irion mining, uranium mining, weapons production, ship construction, grav-ship construction, oil drilling, oil refining.

Electricity - Production: 100x 10^20 J (100 trillion kWh)

Electricity - Consumption: 70.047x 10^20 J (70.047 trillion kWh)

Electricity - Production by Source:

fusion: 90% geothermal: 4% hydroelectric: 3% other: 3%

Currency: Menelmacari Credit, divided into one thousand millicredits; symbol €. M€1 = ~US$2.50. (All Thelasi banks use this, the Menelmacari credit being almost universally used)

Currency Code:

Fiscal Year: January 2-January 1


Holovision Stations: Thelas International News, Centeral Entertainment, Thelasi Public Television, Thelasi Broadcast Corporation (also most of the major Menelmacari networks) Several hundred others…

Internet Country Code: .elf .tcn .tmn (military only) .tgn (government only)

Internet Penetration: 100%

Internet Service Providers: 500

[div style="font-size=11.5px"]Transportation:[/div]

Ports and Harbors: 600

Merchant Marine: All merchant vessels are private, all other cargo vessels are military

Airports: (too many to count)


Military Budget: 280,93,852,080,00

Military Branches: Thelas Military Intelligence, Thelasi Imperial Stellar Navy, Thelasi Imperial Army, Civil Defense Army, Civil Support Navy.

Military Manpower: 81,360,000

Transnational Issues

Disputes - International: None…. yet

Disputes - National: Continuing unrest on Axara from human terrorists, as well as the odd sabotage by Drodes.

Illicit Drugs: There are some drug issues, as the Thelasi government has a strict attitude to most drugs. Incoming drugs from Knootoss are a constant issue, but since there is co-operation between the Thelasi and Knootian governments, the issue has declined in importance.