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This article deals with Third World as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

The term "Third World" is sometimes used to refer to poor, under-developed or developing countries. It is a somewhat controversial term, especially since different nations have widely differing socio-economic systems; hence nations classified by the UN as having an under-developed economy may not perceive themselves as "poor".

However, some nations openly describe themselves as belonging to the "Third World", and alliances and solidarity movements within the Third World have been established. Foremost among them were the Developing Nations' Summits in Golden Agate (Larkinia) and Matebian (Tanah Burung). The summits covered a wide variety of topics pertaining to Third World solidarity, including health, education, trade and various types of mutual aid. The Matebian Declaration, specifically, led to the establishment of an international Third World Open University.

A number of Third World nations are, in addition, signatories of the International Fair Trade Agreement.

The following nations classify themselves as "developing" or "Third World":

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