Thomas Caine

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Thomas Caine
Place of Birth
New Virginia, Confederation of Sovereign States
President of the Confederation of Sovereign States
Term in Office
2004 -

At univesity, where he studied business administration, Thomas Caine discovered that he had both a gift for business - founding and publishing a profitable weekly journal while still a student - and the gift of charisma. Caine consistently won high-profile positions in the student government despite a loudly proclaimed lack of interest in politics.

Caine was courted by many companies after graduated, but he chose to join the Confederation's largest firm, Confederated Enterprises, as a manager in its new computer division. Caine quickly became the protégé of Computer Systems Vice President John Hayes. When Hayes became President of CE in 1993, Caine became Computer Systems Vice President. In 1996, Caine left CE to start his own business, with CE funding. In 2001, Caine sold his company back to CE and returned to the company as a member of the board of directors.

Caine launched a surprise presidential campaign in 2004, when he unexpectedly challenged President Ilmar Alderson's renomination at the Liberty Party's presidential nominating convention. Caine won the party's nomination and went on to win the election over a number of candidates, including President Alderson, who was running as a write-in candidate.

Caine, who never married, has been linked to many prominent women and has been rumoured to be having an affair with his Press Secretary, Shannon Coles. Caine is also widely believed to be a member of the Knootian Order of the Invisible Hand. This, and his decision to join the Knootian International Stabilisation Treaty, have provoked a great deal of opposition. Caine's most vocal opponents are the religious right and political leaders in the states of Saxmere and Southland.