Three Sisters

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Three Sisters
Nation: Errinundera
Province: Bemm
Function: Tourism
Population: Population
Leader: TBA


Three Sisters is located on the northern edge of the vast, impenetrable Tonghi Jungle in the Bemm province. A decrepit monorail system connects the town to the railway hub at Combienbar.

Sacred Trees

Going one better than Monkeytop Three Sisters has, well, three sacred trees: BEERWAH, ELIMBAH and KABOOL-TUR. They are, however, mythical. The tale of the three sisters remains the oldest Oo Dreamtime story that exists in written form. The famous "Plum Pine" parchment, reliably dated to c400 is on display at the Dreamtime Institute in Rooty Break.

According to Dreamtime legends the sisters were created and planted by the Errinu, the original spirit of the forest. Feisty and independent, they rebelled against the rule of their father and left the Plateau. In his rage Errinu forbad them from ever returning and in response they vowed that he would never find them. Their hiding place, reputedly in the Tonghi Jungle, is said to be so secure that they have been spared from the ravages of the world thus leaving them to flourish to this very day. It is also said that anybody finding these three supposedly gigantic trees will also find the secret to eternal life.


The town's econony is almost entirely dependent on tourism based around the myth of the Three Sisters. There is also a cottage industry in sports apparel catering to the many football fans in Errinundera.