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Flag of Tianech
Motto: "Proudly serving venison since 1753!"
Region Charis
Capital Eratrus
Official Language(s) English
Leader Governors of Tianech
Population 372,000,000
Currency Thing 
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General Information


Governors of Tianech

Eratrus: Timothy Walters
Sezentur: William Locona
Thoneos: Eleanor Ogle
Ferrateos: Sam Hogg
Mytovion: Ryan Slindo
Byzurona: Carrie Amardo

Note: These governors each rule a separate province. They became the leaders of Tianech after the assassination of the Holy Emperor Paul Dunham. Each province is named after its major city, and they are listed in order of most power/importance to least.

Other Officials

General of the Holy Army: David Selwyn


Coming Soon

Major Events

Rebellion and Assassination of the Holy Emperor

In late August 2006, the people of Tianech were getting angry at the Emperor, because they felt that an empire was outdated in this modern world, and that the emperor had far too much power, and was abusing it. A small group of people started rebelling against the emperor. One day, a protest turned violent because one protestor threw something at a guard, who then opened fire. A few days later, a car exploded at a security checkpoint (which was put in place because of the protest) on a highway that crosses over the Groby Dam, which created the Ebis Reservoir.

And again, a few days later the emperor was injured when an accident occured on a highway leading to Eratrus. He was taken to a military hospital, whose location is a secret, and underwent surgery. However, a few nights later a nurse unknowingly injected the emperor with a painkiller-poison mix, which killed him in his sleep. The country then went into a 24-hour lockdown because the emperor had not named an heir to the throne, and there was no other family (as he was the 5th of a line of single sons). The six governors of the provinces immediately became the new leaders. However, under the emperor they acted only as figureheads, so this new power shocked them and thus they didn't know what to do. The governors along with the General of the Holy Army, David Selwyn, asked nations of Charis for help.

Rest coming soon.