Tiberian Destiny

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Tiberian Destiny
Tiberian destiny.jpg
Flag of Tiberian Destiny
Motto: "Embrace Your Tiberian Destiny"
Region Command and Conquer Reborn
Capital Neo-Philadelphia
Official Language(s) English, Russian, Hebrew
Leader Emperor Number 13
Population 1.488 billion
Currency Tiberium Crystal 
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At some point in the 1990s, a meteorite crashed into the Earth carrying a strange green substance that came to be known as tiberium. This substance spread rapidly, leeching minerals from the soil and forming them into valuable crystals. An ancient religious organization known as the Brotherhood of Nod quickly sees the potential of this new material and invest in technology to harvest the tiberium crystals. They soon held control of almost half of what has become the world's most valuable substance, and use these funds to equip a vast army of followers worldwide.

Following a series of bombings across the world, the World Trade Center in Vienna was bombed, setting off mass panic and fear. Ultimately, these acts were blamed on NOD terrorists and their leader, Kane. The UN realized that NOD was having plans for world domination, and mobilised its military wing, The Global Defence Initiative, to stop the Brotherhood's plans. This is how in 1995 the first Tiberium conflict came to pass.

Kane was finally (presumably) killed in the conflict, leaving Nod shattered. In these times, GDI scientists seized a 12-year old boy that had witnessed the impact of the Tiberium metorite, and soon started emitting psionic frequences that resembled electromagnetic radiation patterns emitted by Tiberium crystals.

Ten years later, in 2000, a young man naming himself "Number 13" appeared, uniting the shattered nod forces who thought him to be a apostle of their belived messiah, Kane. However, Number 13 was sceptic about god-like powers Kane was said to possess, which should lead mankind into an utopian future. Rallying his followers, he founded the Holy Empire Of Tiberian Destiny, destroyed the Core of the CABAL computer, removing the clone of Kane from there, merely being a mindless peace of flesh at that point of the cloning process, and proclaimed it to be the Emperor of the nation, using it as puppet with himself having power firmly in his hands. The Empire Of Tiberian destiny, as it's name suggests, sees man's next step in evolution in embracing the power Tiberium holds, and thus, plans to infest the world with it.


Many languages are used due to the widely scattered territories the nation holds, the major languages spoken are English, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic and Chinese. Hebrew is mainly used in ideologic context and in government propaganda, when the rule and purpose of the tiberian race are justified in the context of the Holy Bible. The official religion of Tiberian Destiny is a twisted version of Christianity, known as the Evangelion Of Kane, which puts the arrival of Tiberium and the transformation of mankind through this potent mutagen in a biblical context. Politics and religion are essentially one in Tiberian Destiny, political actions being decided based on and publicly justifed by, the Evangelion Of Kane. Though a complete anarchic mess outside the strict military organisation the remaining Nod forces and ranks have put on the country, the governmental ceremonies are highly ritualistic, the whole nation's society somehow resembling that of a stone age tribe held only together by brute strength, with the Emperor being the chief and shaman, and the inanimate body of Kane being the Totem. Biker gangs and raiders make up most of Tiberian Destiny's culture and also its military. The city of New Philadelphia hammers with postapocalyptism and various factions engage in gang wars, often resutling in M.A.D. in the sprawling ruins of the once glorious city, while the omnipresent military holds up an iron fist over the city.

Foreign relations

Tiberian Destiny never had intense positive relations with the outside world, since (IC) not many nations shared the goals the nation tried to achieve, as the survival of mankind is a far more popular goal even amongst the cruelest dictatorships. OOC: I just wasn't online often enough to make intense contact with any other players. However, the nation has ties with the ruthless international arms trading corporation The Shin Ra Corp, which does not mind a customers ideology and political affiliation as long as the pay is right. Recently, there has been an increased activity concerning foreign relations: An heritage from the Nod and the past of Number 13, Tiberian Destiny cultivates a deep hatred for the GDI. Tiberian Destiny had contacted Magic Sorcery, a nation which resigned membership of the GDI, and an alliance was formed between the two nation, but an alliance Tiberian Destiny had proposed to Valmar had been turned down. There were no talks between TD and MS for a long period floowing the initial talks, but half a year later, TD asked MS to revitalize their alliance, and following that, the SCORPION Organization asked to deploy several agents, including transmutated special agent Carmilla Black, in MS to study MS's advanced system of training magic in order to learn how to best control Number 13's psionic powers. Over The Shin Ra Corp, TD has also made contacts to the Mercenaries region, and propably Shumway Country. All this could be an attempt to form an alliance against the GDI, but this has not been clarified yet. It is highly propable that Tiberian Destiny will try to gain control over - by political as well as military means - or ally with nations that possess nuclear and ICBM technology. It is also likely that the nation will attempt to invade and annex more territory in North America.


Tiberian Destiny's conventional armed forced are no match to any modern army, yet the Emperor's psionic powers and control over tiberium flora and fauna pose a significant threat to any modern armed force that attempts to invade the country and have also been seen used offensively. It is also likely that Tiberian Destiny bought weapons from well-known arms manufacturers, propaby by using arms dealers like The Shin Ra Corp to supply its military. Tiberian Destiny's quasi-military, a group consisting of terrorist forces of the Nod organisation and Tiberian insurgents, lay in an an ceaseless struggle with the forces of the now deceased UNGDI. The nation's "army", what there is of one, is made up of 1) Nod forces, the strongest part of the armed force, including both conventional and forces from the traditional terrorist organization, using the powerful, but often worn-down NOD units, which are often in shortcut of supplies and in bad repair, and 2) biker gangs, mercenaries, criminals, fanatics and raiders, forming some sort of militia, using, as only official NOD units, the Attack Cycle and Attack Buggy, often in radically modified forms, such as as Trikes and Explorers. They also use civilian vehicles, preferably Toyota Pickup truck technicals armed with machine guns. The army as such is called Philadelphia Militia. The nation has recently anounced a weapons project aimed at shooting down the Phoenix Spacestation, as well as giving the nation the capability to strike anywhere on the globe. Since Tiberian Destiny does not possess any technology capable of such, all relevant Nod technology being outside their reach, it is assumed the nation will either use kinetic missile strikes powered by psionic power or use psionic power to take control over the space station or its crew, and thus the Ion Cannon Ortillery.