Tim de Boer

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Tim de Boer
Late thirties
State-Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Tim de Boer was still a student in Law when he had an affair with Roel Vogels, who was the Prime Minister of Knootoss at the time. This affair was used by opponents of the Prime Minister (notably foreigners supporting Dick Tator) in the election campaign running up to the Shadow War. During this period he was spied upon by numerous foreign agencies. During the Shadow War he was briefly evacuated from the country after the Prime Minister was assasinated. (For more on this see the Shadow War entry)

Because of the socially liberal attitudes of the Knootian population, the affair did not pose much of a problem. Rather the opposite, the young de Boer became something of a celeberity, especially amongst those who had supported the Prime Minister. Tim never thought much of this status, only seeking a quiet life after the traumatic events that had shocked his personal life.

After the war he became the darling of the SLP - the party of the former Prime Minister - as they recognised his political potential. Forsaking his original studies in Law, he was given a job at the Foreign Ministry diplomatic corps (traditionally an SLP bulwark) and was fasttracked for promotion.

As a member of the diplomatic corps he has been a member of delegations to numerous treaties, including the negotiating of the International Mediation Council and VERITAS treaties. He also was prominent in establishing bilateral relations with Lietuveska. During these high-profile diplomatic missions he has developed from being a mere 'Vogels’ former lover' SLP political tool to a man who has proven to have value in his own right. Former RCPK Prime Minister Galadriël Táralóm nos Círdan does not get along with him well during this perod, but he was appreciated by Minister Hans van Mierlo. When Jan Willem Daatman was elected Prime Minister, Tim was promoted to State-Secretary of Foreign Affairs serving under Minister Femke Vologdov.