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The Trades Union Congress (TUC) is a federation of trade unions in Kelssek which represents the majority of the country's trade unions, constituting about 65% of Kelssek's workforce. Founded in 1822, the TUC is the main representative of organised labour.

It is one of the most powerful institutions in Kelssek due to two main reasons, firstly, the high unionisation rate of Kelssek's workforce and, secondly, the fact that many employee unions are also the majority shareholders of their company, in addition to the TUC's many co-operatives and business ventures. The TUC owns and controls an estimated one-third of the Kelssekian economy. As a result, the TUC is extremely powerful and holds a great deal of political influence; it is often referred to as Kelssek's "fourth branch of government".

Besides its roles in advocacy and representation of workers, the TUC provides a plethora of services and benefits to individual members, such as banking, recreational clubs, insurance, holiday lodges, and artistic/cultural events. Individual members are also eligible for discounts and other benefits when buying from TUC co-operatives or retailers which are affiliated with the TUC, either through union ownership or as part of a marketing deal to offer discounts to TUC members.


Union members hold an annual vote for the Chairman, who is the TUC's senior official, and the members of the central committee, which forms the executive of the federation. Major decisions are voted on during the Annual Congress held every September. Appointments to other major positions in the TUC are handled by the central committee, but can also be made subjects of voting during the Annual Congress.

Political activities

The TUC consistently supported Kelssek's Socialist Party, but has refused to officially endorse any political party since the party broke up. A former TUC chairman, Dominique Drapeau, became President of Kelssek in 2006.

One of the TUC's enterprises publishes the current affairs and analysis magazine The Red Flag, whose editorials strongly advocate democratic socialism.

Major member unions

The TUC has over 150 member unions. A few of the largest and most important are listed here.

  • Kelssekian Union of Public Employees (KUPE)
  • National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE)
  • Kelssekian Office and Professional Employees Union (OPEU)
  • National Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (NBEW)
  • United Transportation Workers (UTW)
  • Public Service Alliance of Kelssek
  • Kelssekian Auto Workers (KAW)
  • Union of Air Transport and Aerospace Workers (UATAW)
  • Fish, Food and Allied Workers
  • Kelssek Air Line Pilots Association (KALPA)
  • Union of Agricultural and Fisheries Workers
  • Kelssek National Federation of Teachers
  • Food and Beverage Workers' Union
  • National Media Guild
  • Communications Workers of Kelssek
  • National Union of University Teachers