Treaty of Citadel Excalbia

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The Treaty of Citadel Excalbia is one of the three bilateral treaties which form the Entente. It is a treaty between the Resurgent Dream and Excalbia signed at Citadel Excalbia by High King Owain of the Resurgent Dream and Emperor David IV of Excalbia.

The treaty contains a number of provisions, including mutual defense, free trade, officer exchange, extradition and shore leave rights. More importantly, the treaty represents a formal expression of the general alliance between the two nations, also symbolized by the marriage of Prince Peter of Excalbia to Grand Duchess Gwendolyn of the Resurgent Dream.

Ever since the Resurgent Dream became part of the Commonwealth of Peoples, it has been petitioning Excalbia to expand the terms of the treaty to cover the Commonwealth as a whole. Danaan and Excalbian diplomats are currently negotiating over the issue. The Commonwealth has already voluntarily taken upon itself all of the obligations of the Resurgent Dream under the treaty as part of a general policy of adopting the treaties of the Resurgent Dream as its own.