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Trentism is a religion existing in Shadowstorm Imperium Ruins based around the worship of Michael Trent and the following of Trentist philosophy.


Unlike many religions, there is no doubt as to Trent's existence. Where fact diverges from faith is in the belief that Trent should be worshipped as a god. Trent is worshipped for no other reason than because the followers of the faith believe him to be the most powerful being in the region or even in existence. Worship consists of professing the superiority of Trent over the worshipper, and submitting to him.


Trentists believe that power is the only real force in the universe, good and evil being subjective. The religion is ordered into a hierarchy and promotion to a higher position usually depends on life-threatening ordeals. When the position is one that is only a limit number of people can occupy, a current occupier must be forced to surrender the position. This is usually done through one-on-one combat.

Trentists believe that their system ensures that everyone is in the position they deserve.