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The Triad is the union of the 3 spirits of Camajara. The triad represents a balance that can endure under any pressure. The 3 spirits of the Triad are Ché Maraja and Rishdaar. Not to be confused with [the 3 Gods].


Ché is passion incarnate. Often represented as a ball of flame, Ché can be compared to Shiva of Hinduism. Ché represents disire, destruction, death and birth. In several "civilized" cultures Ché is seen as a god of barbarians and is held second to Maraja or Rishdaar. Ché is a lesser spirit and only apeared during the Settling of Man cerca 1100 B.C. Ché is at least 900 years younger then the rest of the Triad, and is neither male nor female.


Maraja is widely held as the greatest of the Triad. Born in the "great renewal" (500000 B.C.) he was one of the few to excape Onan's attempts at sealing all spirits from the world. Despite his early release in the world his mind did not become fully aware or concious until some 390000 years later and did little even after that. His true apearence in the world of man took place in the year 3217 B.C. as was carefully remembered by the Chicklan and later recorded by the Chamboans. In the Chicklan's account he came to them in the form of a red tiger with great antlers. To their suprise he could speak in their primitive language. He told them to go west and south were there were a number of friendly chiklara (giant insect creatures. They have centipede bodies with almost humanoid torsos, and great syth arms.) who were willing to show the chicklan their ways.

Many people have stories such as this, all over the region. Maraja would come as a dragon or horned serpant or dog and give advise that usually led the people to prosper. His most remembered contact with humans was on the island [Chambobo]. He helped to organize the whole island into a funtioning collective, and included even the wild beasts in his grand civilization. As was later seen his influence was probably one of the main causes of the [1st Chamboan War.] This war, while destroying Chambobo also drained power from Onan, preventing him from being a world influence for centuries to Follow.

Maraja is considered the central god, the one that harnesses the other 2 and make them compatable. He embodies strength, persevirance, wisdom, and compitition. He is often conveyed as an old oak, or in his physical form, a rock pillar toped with an anterled head.


Rishdaar was also born in the great renewal but unlike Maraja, was sealed in the prison that Onan and Okvard jointly created. After centuries of "good behavior" Rishdaar was released by Onan to teach the new world truth, intelligence and order. Rishdaar is represented by a hawk, for that was the form she most often took when traveling the region. She was the most physical of the Triad in the sense that much more often then the others she would come down in huminiod form and administer justice. She favored the Shakans over the rest and they soon became her project, and devoted worshippers. It was Rishdaar who turned the worship of people back to the sea; even the Chamboans worshiped it, though it had been there enimy years past.