Triumvirate of Yut

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The Triumvirate of Yut
Triumvirate of Yut
Region: Titan
Capital: Port Aurora, Titan
Population: 70+ Billion
Leader: Karmabaijan, Scolopendra, Berserker

Military and Economic Alliance

The Triumvirate of Yut is one of the oldest active alliances and counts amoung its members many of the oldest and most respected nations known to exist. Twenty-two members represent nearly all government forms from libertarian capitalist to socialist controlled economies to enlightened dictatorships. All of these nations follow the Charter of the Triumvirate of Yut and work together for the greater benefit of the whole through the free trade of technology, research, culture, and business.

Based on the Saturn moon of Titan, the alliance is primarily focused on both economic and military space-based power projection. It is also extremely active politically with member nations holding prominent positions among a variety of both political and military organizations.


The Triumvirate can be argued to be a federal government as it does minimally restrict the sovereignty of its member states (see Ideals) and has some of the trappings of a federal government. Widely supported by mutual treaty-bound donation, it has a central government consisting of the Council of Yut and a small number of additional civil servants required to facilitate interstate communications, trade, and support. It has a centralized military service, the Triumvirate of Yut Combined Services, which acts as its primary defensive and force-projection arm with large presences in the Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn Theatres. It also has a centralized intelligence service, the Triumvirate of Yut Special Services, which helps disseminate intelligence throughout the alliance.

The Council of Yut is a simplified parliamentary system with one representative per member nation, usually the head of state of that nation or a designated alternate. Most votes on policy changes or military usage outside of treaty obligations require only a simple majority, while more severe issues such as amendments and declarations of war require a two-thirds majority. The Council of Yut may only form policy pertinent to the Triumvirate's international relations, internal relations between members, and its stated goals. It cannot legislate matters internal to any given member nation.

The Combined Services are the primary multilateral defensive forces of the Triumvirate, made up of contributions from all member states albeit with separate command-and-control and appropriations structures to improve efficiency and ensure internal compatibility. It coordinates with national defense forces to fulfill mutual defense and assistance obligations, and it generally acts with the autonomy required to fulfill its stated missions.

The Special Services act primarily as an information collation and distribution center. While it does have its own intelligence-gathering capabilities (primarily related to TYCS Military Intelligence) it is primarily reliant on the intelligence operations of member states.


The Triumvirate of Yut is generally an idealist alliance similar in nature to the newer United Alliance of Progressive States but balances its ideals for the sake of realpolitik, as can be noted from its long-standing feud with Arda and Metus. Nominally, the Triumvirate is progressive and supportive of progressive ideologies but is not specific on how those ideologies are met; as a whole, form of government and cultural organization are irrelevant as long as the populations remain generally happy and/or unoppressed.

The two absolutely non-negotiable ideals of the Triumvirate are a united front against slavery and genocide, especially the latter. The Triumvirate has launched multiple campaigns to combat the latter, usually in the form of extraction operations intended to rescue those about to be killed. It tries to avoid conflict by first attempting diplomacy before resorting to controlled violence after diplomacy fails. There has been a slow-down in extraction operations recently, partially because defense or realpolitik concerns prevent the TYCS from acting and partially because such events are less common than they were previously. The last major extraction operation, Operation Stairway to Heaven, consisted of the movement of over 2.5 million Um Lizaans from Iraqstan to the Shogunate and is part of the reason behind the current feud between those two nations.


The list of members, both past and present, are:

  • Free Land of Karmabaijan (now Ordinance-Enabled Hegemony of)
  • Federation of Scolopendra (now Federated Segments of)
  • Rogue State of Suunto (now Corporate Protectorate of)
  • Principality of Berserker (now Jingoistic Hegemony of)
  • Free Land of Zero-One (now Queendom of)
  • Dominion of LaRhiannon [un-extant]
  • Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
  • Incorporated States of Nexus Industries [un-extant]
  • Empire of Cetaganda (now Imperial Union of)
  • Empire of Khenala (now Imperial Commonwealth of)
  • Most Serene Republic of Maryu [un-extant]
  • Emerald Heights of The SLAGLands [un-extant]
  • Borderlands of Freod (now Mearclanda of)
  • Dominion of Angelus (now Amalgamated Minds of) [un-extant]
  • Empire of Eniqcir (now United Celdr Empire of)
  • Dominion of Dread Lady Nathicana
  • Territory Co-Prosperity Sphere
  • Shogunate of Reploid Productions (now Immortal Shogunate and Affiliated Territories of)
  • Empire of Sakkra (now Herpetelogical Empire of)
  • Republic of Sunset (now Libertarian Paradise of)
  • Confederacy of Ravenspire [un-extant]
  • Empire of Treznor
  • The Serene^Union of Kaenei
  • Defensive Pacifist Nation of Sneaky Bastards
  • Free Waukeenar States of Imnsvale
  • Democratic Imperium of Mangala
  • Federated Mercurial Demesne of The Caloris Basin
  • The Nomadic Peoples of The Elsani City States
  • The United Solaris Federation of Tiburon
  • The Modified Freedom Forces of Euroslavia
  • The Federated Imperium of Kajal

Membership is on a sponsorship only basis. Those who wish to become members must find a sponsor amoung the existing membership. This member must be willing to submit the application for membership as well as research their national and roleplaying history to determine their suitability for membership. The application is then brought to a vote before the voting membership with a 2/3rds vote required. This is then put before the First Among Equals (Berserker, Karmabaijan, and Scolopendra) who can approve or dismiss any application. They have not as yet utilized their veto power.

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