True Norm

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The species that launched the S-14 colony ship in order to save itself from increasing background radiation levels in the high stellar-density core of the Lesser Megallanic Cloud. It is also the progenitor race of the current panNorm, despite its best efforts to prevent the inevitible divergent evolution that occured during S-14's fifteen million year journey.

The True Norm is also responsible for creating the Prime Directive (All deviations from the Norm are anomalies and are not to be suffered to propagate without appropriate genetic manipulation to keep them within nominal standards.) which was the central driving factor of the racially-motivated Succession Wars between the panNorm after the True Norm went extinct.

Physically, the True Norm looked most like a two-meter long Mini, generally dark mottled black/grey with multicolored splotches along the joints, somewhat similar in coloration to several Terrestrial crustaceans.