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Tsaiism is a philosophy invented by Aeazer, founder of the Aeazen Combine. It is Aeazer's stated religion, and the official state philsophy of the Aeazen Combine, though Aeazer maintains it is not required in any way for the AC's members to follow it.

The Sixfold Path

The Sixfold Path:

The Wheel of Tsaiism has Six Spokes.

The first, and largest of the Spokes is Happiness. A true Tsai is sanguine, even in the face of death, for Happiness is a gift from Heaven. Any being which rejects this gift, given out of the generosity of the Supreme Being, is not alive, but a walking corpse. There is no reason at all not to be happy whenever you can, for that is why you were created. No matter in what ways you may tell yourself that the world is designed to repress happiness, that society and law sometimes require you to give up the Gift, it is only a lie. One only shoulders misery if they place it on themselves, and no mortal law or regulation of society is absolute. Put the happiness of yourself and your family above all other things, and if any of the Spokes ordained below conflict with your happiness at a given time, you need not follow them then. A life of woe is not a life at all. Happiness is the Supreme Law above all others.

The second of the Spokes is Logic and Free Thought. True Happiness is found only when one knows the Truth, and the Truth cannot be found if you shield yourself behind outdated beliefs and impossible nonsense. The only Supreme Truth is Happiness, everything else may change and flow with the influx of new information. Always be open to change and new ideas. The only falsehood is the one that conflicts with your Happiness.

The Third Spoke is Ambition. To achieve Happiness, one must feel that they have done something, that they are important. Mundanity is the harbinger of Misery. No matter what forces at work may tell you that your life is just a normal one that that to Achieve is impossible, you must close your ears to this voice, and pursue whatever will make you happy, no matter what may seem to stand in your way.

Selfhood is the Fourth Spoke. If you have achieved Happiness, you have found what you truly are. You cannot lie about what makes you happy. If you conform to someone else's idea of righthood, you are sacrificing what you know to be Happiness for something else. To conform invariably leads to Misery. Conformity is to walk the world as a shuffling corpse.

Unity is the Fifth Spoke. To fill your mind with hatred and segregation is to push out Happiness to make room for these other emotions. Only with perfect unity and acceptance of all beings can one not be angered or incited to hate, and without being encited to hate or feel anger, and thus always have room for the Supreme Truth.

Courage is the Sixth and Final Spoke. No matter how powerful it may seem, if something interferes with your Heaven-sent right to joy and freedom, you will be closer to Happiness if you make an attempt to destroy it than if you stand by and let it trample over your soul. Fear nothing, and do all that it is within your power to restore your Happiness. Even if you die, your courage will show that you had a spark of hope, and thus a spark of Happiness, which is better than having nothing at all..