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Flag of Tsaraine
Motto: Varies, no official national motto
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Region The Vast
Capital Kel Eridhant
Official Language(s) Sekhel (official), Sche'dayach, Hyazinari, Ktraizirha, Scheighui (dialects), Amrasenatj (minority)
Leader Rene Seingult I
Population 5.5 Billion
Currency Khoi 
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The Greater Ascendancy of Tsaraine is a socialist collectivist state based largely on Earth, with outposts and colonies throughout the solar system. It is a member of the Non-Democratic Alliance, and while not particularly influential militarily or economically, it does moderately well at both.

This page now serves primarily as an index to the larger sub-topics, which have grown too large to fit them all on one page.


Tsarainese History - a very rough overview of Tsarainese history.


Tsaraine's government is hierarchical in nature, and promotion is strictly by merit; the Tsarainese hold no truck with hereditary rule or democratic elections, claiming that neither are based upon the ability to govern wisely. Thus the government is a series of departments (Arkhreifiates) run by a large bureaucracy, with heavy use of computers to reduce the amount of paperwork required in day to day life. Despite this, there are instances of nepotism in government, but the bureaucracy usually manages to filter most poor judgements into the normal status quo of day-to-day operations.

The Arkhreifiates are as follows;

Arkhreifiate of the Interior - Arkhreifane Kasene tsaKinai - responsible for the day-to-day running of the government.

Arkhreifiate of the Exterior - Arkhreifane Ksravi Ekina - responsible for relations with other nations.

Arkhreifiate of Agriculture - Arkhreifane Linya ralEiran - responsible for the maintenance of Tsaraine's food production, both in the Tekhat Katai and the underground hydroponic farms.

Arkhreifiate of Construction - Arkhreif Ekhoi Sche'daya - responsible for the expansion of the cities of Tsaraine. This Arkhreifiate has begun to merge with the Arkhreifiate of Mining, as they utilise the same equipment for carving out of stone.

Arkhreifiate of Mining - Arkhreif Kaligh ralInya - responsible for the extraction and processing of ores and other resources, both on Earth and at Far Stone (which produces the vast majority of Tsaraine's nickel-iron).

Arkhreifiate of Industry - Arkhreif Irvali tsaHuri - responsible for the production of everything from sheet metal and electrical cabling to fighter jets and nuclear missiles, the Arkhreifiate of Industry is one of the most powerful divisions in Tsaraine's government.

Arkhreifiate of Research and Development - Arkhreif Kyne ralGhema - Tsaraine values technological advantage over numerical superiority, and this division is responsible for technological advances, as well as pure research and design.

Arkhreifiate of Medicine - Arkhreifane Aira tsaKtraine - responsible for the health of the Tsarainese populace.

Arkhreifiate of Security - Arkhreif Schaden tsaKell - comprising the State Security Corps, the External Intelligence Corps, and numerous smaller departments, the Arkhreifiate of Security is charged with the maintenance of law and order throughout Tsaraine, and Tsarainese "covert" operations outside the nation.

Arkhreifiate of the Ground Command - Arkhreifane Erin tsaKell - Tsaraine's ground military, 750,000 strong, of whom 80,000 or so are fighting troops. As the Tsarainese military is designed more for defence than offence, the military is small and well-trained. With the exception of a deployment in the Iraqstani Civil War, it has not been required to fight since the Obsidian Event.

Arkhreifiate of the Air Command - Arkhreif Larak tsaGhen - Tsaraine's aerial forces, from troop transports to giant aerial carriers. This division also includes the Naval Corps, as the submarines used by the Navy are capable of atmospheric flight. The Tsarainese have never been a naval power, but they take to the air perfectly happily.

Arkhreifiate of the Star Command - Arkhreifane Tanyi ralKeyra - Tsaraine's space forces, responsible for the expansion and protection of Tsaraine's offworld assets. Aside from colonial garrisons, the Star Command's military units are divided into the Inner System Fleet (based at High Stone in Earth orbit, and under the direct command of Arkhreifane ralKeyra) and the Outer System Fleet (based at Kel Meralkharant in Jovian orbit). The Tsarainese ExtraSolar Exploration Corps is also a part of this Arkhreifiate.

Belief Systems

Tsarainese_Religion - an overview of most of the majority, and some minority, religions of Tsaraine.

Tsarainese Literature

Tsarainese_Literature - some of the more or less original manifestations of the written word in Tsaraine.

More to come later, esarqi esenqi. Tsang dteh!