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The Kingdom of Tumnore is a mysterious small kingdom contained entirely within the borders of the ICEL. Foreign visitors are almost never allowed within the Tumnorean borders. The Kingdom is roughly forty thousand years old, which perhaps explains its isolationist, insular attitude; however, Nenyans with Tumnorean parents or direct heritage are freely allowed in or out of the Kingdom. They do not speak of what they see, however.

The Tumnorean Bladed Games are held in Tumnore, on the Tumnorean Plateau; this year, for the first time, foreigners were allowed to take part. Nenyans, Elves, and Humans alike from the ICEL are allowed to take part every year, but only a select few actually gain admittance to the competition. High King Semir-randil I is the reigning Champion of the Games. The Games all involve various numbers of combatants attacking each other with sharp, pointed objects - usually in the form of swords, but never daggers or knives.