Turei Lauru

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Turei Lauru
head of State
Second Secretary

Turei Lauru is the current head of State of the People's Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia.

Appointed in 2144, he became Ariddia's first non-Indigenous leader in seventy years, following long terms in office by Indigenous leaders Aj Ud and Nuriyah Khadhim. Lauru is the son of Melanesian immigrants.

He is also the first person to hold the title "Second Secretary of Ariddia", following the creation of the Ariddian Isles’ Federation.

Early life and career

Lauru was born in Cité-Belle, Ariddia. He has an elder sister and younger brother. He obtained a Master's degree in history at Cité-Belle Centre University, then began working as a primary school teacher. He spent part of his free time working at an immigration assistance and integration centre in Cité-Belle, providing practical information and assistance for newly arrived immigrants.

He was first elected to the People's Prime Parliament in 2129, then subsequently re-elected for two further terms before becoming head of State.

Lauru is fluent in Ariddia's three official languages -French, English and Wymgani- as well as 'Are'are and Pijin. He is conversant in Lank Jan.