Type 642 Phaestos

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Phaestos class frigate.

Type 642 Phaestos is a type of guided missile frigate manufactured by the Hellenic Confederation's Ellinika Nafpigia (Hellenic Shipyards) and Ellinikes Viomichanies Oplon (Hellenic Arms Industries). See Arms Manufacturing in the Hellenic Confederation. Its current users include the Hellenic Confederation's Hellenic Navy and Vexia's Imperial Navy, with 16 ships having been manufactured overall and 5 under construction, originally for the naval forces of Jannteuvvel but to be sold to Lensi-Etela instead.

Type 642 Phaestos, named after the famous ruins situated in Crete, have been designed to combat submarines and surface ships and provide defense to task forces and convoys. The ship features a long-deck hull with a relatively high freeboard forward. The stem is raking, minimizing the possibility of damage to the nose bulb by anchors. A relatively small flare of the ship sides in the forward end reduces slamming and sea spray. The ship is fitted with ram-type fin stabilizers, enhancing the sea-keeping qualities, by ensuring an almost three-fold reduction in the roll amplitude. The ship is also provided with shoulder keels.

General Characteristics

  • Displacement: 3,800 tons standard ,4,400 tons full load
  • Length: 129.6 m
  • Beam: 15.6
  • Draught:5.6 m
  • Machinery: COGAG (gas turbines), 110,000 hp
  • Speed:30+ knots
  • Armament:
  • Crew: 210

Ships in Class

Hellenic Navy

  • FFG-650 PKN Phaestos
  • FFG-651 PKN Helen
  • FFG-652 PKN Paris
  • FFG-653 PKN Agamemnon
  • FFG-654 PKN Menelaos
  • FFG-655 PKN Dionysos
  • FFG-656 PKN Odysseas
  • FFG-657 PKN Odysseas Androutsos
  • FFG-658 PKN Nikitaras
  • FFG-659 PKN Oktapous

Vexian Imperial Navy

  • VNS Marelda
  • VNS Bruunhilda
  • VNS Adalwolfa
  • VNS Sirin
  • VNS Zmey
  • VNS Simargl

Lensi-Etela Navy

  • SR Viking
  • SR Hirvonen
  • SR Leppälä
  • SR Freedom
  • SR Peltosaari


  • 642 Phaestos - Original model, phased out. 10 manufactured for the Hellenic Navy.
  • 642M Phaestos-M - Modernised 642 Phaestos. 10 upgraded for the Hellenic Navy.
  • 642E Phaestos-E - Export version of 642 Phaestos. 6 manufactured for the Vexian Imperial Navy.
  • 642J Phaestos-J - Export version of 642 Phaestos, based on Type 642E and customized for use by the Jannteuvvel Naval Liberation Forces by incorporating features of the base Type 642 not present in 642E. 5 under construction for Lensi-Etela.