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Resolution Text

UN Recycling Commission

Category: Free Trade Strength: Significant Proposed By: Gruenberg

Description: The United Nations,

CONSIDERING recycling to be both an environmentally friendly method of waste disposal and a valuable source of tradable goods,

RECALLING its previous motion to support recycling through UN Resolution #13, "Mandatory Recycling", and the deficiencies thereof,

HENCE, ALSO RECALLING its UN Resolution #139, "Repeal "Mandatory Recycling"", and its call for a replacement,

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT the differing economic, technological and environmental circumstances of member nations,

RECOGNISING that a 'one size fits all' approach to the promotion of recycling is likely to do more harm than good,

FULLY AWARE that the development of the industrial recycling sector is vital to ensuring sufficient levels of recycling are achieved,

WISHING to expand the global market in recycled goods, in hope that such measures will stimulate industrial involvement in recycling:

1. DECLARES its support for responsible recycling practices;

2. ESTABLISHES the UN Recycling Commission, as a central data resource, through which government agencies, businesses, NGOs and individuals can: - list resources available for recycling; - detail planned or ongoing recycling projects; - list recycled goods; - share recycling methods and technologies;

3. PROMOTES international efforts in research and development of more efficient recycling methods, and in augmenting the profitability of markets for recycled goods;

4. REQUIRES member nations to: - promote the creation of recycling schemes and facilities, of appropriate technological and economic viability; - make every reasonable effort to separate recyclable waste materials from others, in order to facilitate efficient recycling practices; - remove all protectionist devices in the trade of recycled goods and recycling technologies between UN nations, including but not limited to tariffs, duties, subsidies and import quotas, emphasising that member nations retain the right to employ retaliatory tariffs towards non-UN nations; - take appropriate steps towards ensuring recycled goods and recycling technologies meet agreed safety standards;

5. AUTHORISES the United Nations Free Trade Commission to arbitrate any disputes arising from the trade of recycled goods and recycling technologies;

6. ENDORSES the practice of rewarding individual citizens and companies for separating recyclable waste materials themselves;

7. EXPRESSES ITS HOPE that plans for the development of the recycling sector will be incorporated into future multilateral trade and aid agreements.

Co-authored by Forgottenlands

Votes For: 9,077
Votes Against: 3,335
Implemented: Mon May 15 2006

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