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Some players employ a UN puppet nation to avoid having the sometimes deleterious effects of UN resolutions damage a long-established roleplaying nation. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of UN membership without damaging their "name" nation. This policy may be adopted through roleplay, with a government designating a tiny area of its own territory as "sovereign" and conferring UN membership on that area. Example are Extraterritorial Sovereign Ariddian Territory and Palentine UN Office. Players may also assume a completely sovereign nation as their UN nation, while keeping their main nation for roleplay, such as Yelda and New Leicestershire, or Gruenberg and Quintessence of Dust.

Other invaders and defenders will keep a handy supply of puppet nations standing by in potential invasion regions, and can accept membership into the UN on a moment's notice. This sort of technical gameplaying allows a player to act as a native without having to move a known defender/invader nation into a contested region.

UN puppet owners must take care to keep their puppet activites coordinated, lest they accidentally find themselves in a UN Multiing situation, and find themselves ejected from the UN or even the game.