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Population: 163 nations
Delegate: RedCommunist
Founder: RedCommunist
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

USSR claims to be one of the oldest standing communist and socialist regions in NationStates, is also has the oldest standing military in NationStates. Founded on 17 December 2002 by RedCommunist, the USSR has grown by leaps and has been politically active on the world stage. It is a member of the Union of Sovereigns, and has alliances with several other regions. The Communist Citizen's Republic of the USSR was created on August 28th, 2004 and soon after the Soviet approved a new USSR Constitution. On April 9, 2005, the government was again scrapped and the Soviet Triumvirate was created.

USSR Triumvirate

A Brief Summary of USSR Foreign Policy Engagements

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The USSR under RedCommunist has historically been defined by its engagement with such regions as Imperial Germany and the Alericas. The Alericas were born out of capitalist nations leaving the USSR, according to President Vanik, the leader of RedCommunist. Imperial Germany seemed to consistently oppose the USSR until several months ago when it was revealed that RedCommunist had actually been given control of the founder-nation. He promptly wiped out the regional government, expelling all core members and causing a crisis in amongst the Germans as led by Kaiser Wilhelm.

The USSR was once a member of the Alliance Defense Network until the highly controversial USSR-ADN Trial later expelled that region. Ivan Moldavi, leader of Borogravia Moldavi has since repudiated the role he played as Prosecutor-General in gathering evidence against USSR. New Sparrow, of which Borogravia Moldavi is founder, has since departed the ADN and broken off the alliance they later established also.

The expulsion of USSR seems to be related to many different things, including the declining personal relationship between RedCommunist and rising-star Director Pope Hope. USSR had established relations with the New Pacific Order, apparently with the consent of (now former) President of the ADN, Vazquez. This triggered a lot of resentment and is thought to have been the basis for what USSR collectively calls a Show Trial.

Following the expulsion of USSR, the NPO and USSR signed an alliance. Later, when New Sparrow withdrew from the ADN, these three regions became founders of the mutual-defence treaty organisation, the Union of Sovereigns Alliance.

Prior to the formation of the UoS however, USSR Forces were involved in some incidents the nature of which is disputed by the ADN and others. Soviet, Irish and Imperial German Forces co-operated in the conquest of Northern Ireland. The Coalition troops maintain that the original natives of the region had fled to Ireland, away from the dictatorship of Victories. These natives asked for help in retaking their homeland and USSR-Ireland-IG duly provided it. The ADN retook the region and ousted Coalition troops before restoring control of the region to Victories, a pro-England delegate. The bias of NI was to switch back and forth a number of times before the NI natives finally made peace with each other under Cu Mara.

USSR involvement in the fate of tyrant-delegate of The North Pacific didn't help relations much; RedCommunist and Borogravia Moldavi both supported Great Bight as delegate of the North Pacific even though he mass-expelled all members of the North Pacific with more than twenty endorsements. This move effectively brought the former government of The North Pacific to an end. When the ADN began attacking Great Bight's support base, SECO forces and the Red Army moved in to support him. Nevertheless, the ADN, RLA and TNP forces were victorious in the fight back and Great Bight was toppled from the delegacy, It's worth noting that victory in TNP (122 to 120), was aided by USSR forces leaving the region the previous week to defend the USSR against a repeat of a German sneak attack that had briefly seen a German in the USSR delegate position and a few government officials kicked from the region, the nation responsible was later deleted by the moderation.

More recently, incidents in the Ukraine have excited hostility on the part of USSR, towards the ADN. Ukraine, according to USSR, was a dying state, into which forces of the USSR went in order to get things moving again, It is also claimed that the expired founder (Ukrainian SSR), was a puppet of Francos Spain. ADN and GLA forces intervened and narrowly ousted the USSR troops who were supported with re-inforcements from the Pacific, Gatesville and German regions. The region was then passworded and left with an ADN nation and 4 other nations. The region remained inactive for about a year, the only events being nation deaths until only the ADN nation remained. this then left the region. The Region was refounded in a matter of hours and today hosts 14 nations.

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