Ue Alt

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Ue Alt
Midfield / Captain

A football player who competed in the World Cup as part of the team from the People’s Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia.

Status: retired
First appearance: World Cup 25
Last appearance: World Cup 28
Caps: 94
Goals: 14

Alt, an Indigenous Ariddian, was captain of Ariddia's football team when it returned to the international stage in World Cup 25. A relatively self-effacing man, he is perhaps not as well known to the public as are the more outgoing forward players Frédéric Clément and Hanifah Kyaw, but he was indisputably one of the team’s cohesive forces.

Alt was the highest-capped player on the new team by the time he retired, having missed out on only two out of ninety-six matches. Alt was generally perceived as a capable leader, albeit not extraordinary skilled – proficient in various roles, as is generally expected of Ariddian football captains.

Thirty-seven years old when he retired, he has light brown skin, like most Wymgani, along with somewhat ruffled-looking brown hair, and serious green eyes. He was the fourth person ever to captain Ariddia in football, succeeding Michel Boulanger, Ranjit Khan and Wn Wahd of generations past. Domestically, he played for the FC Sébazac in Nouvelle Macedoine.

Preceded by:
Wn Wahd
Ariddian national football captain

World Cup 25 - 28

Succeeded by:
Sandrine Leduc