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Flag of Uhuh-Ropa
Motto: Este nix pax, christe nix!
Region Uhuhland
Capital Ropadam
Official Language(s) English, Dutch
Leader King Seth I
Population Billions
Currency Uhuh-Ro (Ū; URO) 
Internet TLD .ur
Calling code +132
NS Sunset XML

The Plutocratic Kingdom of Uhuh-Ropa is a nation in Uhuhland, bordered by Uhuh-Topia, Total n Utter Insanity, the South Sea and the Ropatopian Sea.


Full article: History of Uhuh-Topia and Uhuh-Ropa

Uhuh-Ropa has been part of the Uhuh-Topian Empire from 1723 to 1917, when the nation became independent after the 7-year First Ropa-Topian War. Relations between the two nations only became peaceful after the end of the Second Ropa-Topian War in 1934.



Major religions in Uhuh-Ropa (Details)
Name  %  
Atheism 50.7%
Christianity 20.4%
Ropatopianism 14.8%
Judaism 4.7%
Islam 3.8%
Other 5.5%

Public holidays

Official holidays on which schools and offices are closed in Uhuh-Ropa:

Date Name in English Name in Dutch Remarks
1 January New Year's Day Nieuwjaarsdag
2 May Remembrance Day Herdenkingsdag Remembrance of all members of the armed forces and civilians of the Kingdom of Uhuh-Ropa and the Empire of Uhuh-Topia who died in war situations or peacekeeping missions since the outbreak of the First Ropa-Topian War.
3 May Peace Day Dag van de Vrede Celebration of the end of the Second Ropa-Topian War on 3 May 1934.
21 June Midsummer
Summer solstice
Zomer zonnewende
21 December Midwinter
Winter solstice
Winter zonnewende
25 December Christmas Kerstmis Many descendants of Dutch immigrants celebrate two days of Christmas on 25 and 26 December.
31 December Old Year's Eve Oudejaarsavond Informally this is often referred to as New Year/Nieuwjaar as well.

Minor holidays

There are several other holidays which are widely observed, but on which schools and offices stay open:

Date Name in English Name in Dutch Remarks
21 March Spring equinox Lente equinox Mainly observed by Niists. Often combined with Easter by non-religious Uhuh-Ropeans.
March/April Easter Pasen Celebrated on the first Sunday following the first ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or after March 21.
1 May International Workers' Day Dag van de Arbeid Not an official holiday because of its proximity to Remembrance Day and Peace Day on 2 and 3 May.
21 September Autumn equinox Herfst equinox Mainly observed by Niists.
5 December
6 December
Saint Nicholas' Eve
Saint Nicholas
Introduced by Dutch and Belgian immigrants, but later spread to a large part of the population.


The Uhuh-Ropean flag consists of horizontal red-white-blue stripes with a capital letter 'U' embroidered (official flags) or printed in gold in the center, overlapping all three stripes. The red symbolizes the (blood of the) people of Uhuh-Ropa (and the former Ropa-Topian Empire), and the blue symbolizes the rivers and sea.


International: Ropa-Topian Sports Alliance

Uhuh-Ropa only participates in international sporting events outside the region Uhuhland as part of the Ropa-Topian Sports Alliance.


Uhuh-Ropa's national football team doesn't have a lot of experience. So far it has been in action only once, in the first edition of the regional Uhuhland Cup.

Flag ropa-topia tiny.png The Allied States of Ropa-Topia
Flag uhuh-topia tiny.png Uhuh-Topia (Arcadia); Flag uhuh-ropa tiny.png Uhuh-Ropa (Ropadam)
Monarchs: Emperor James II; King Seth I
Currencies: Topian Guilder; Uhuh-Ro
Major cities: Arcadia; Ropadam; Isle of Uhm
Sports: Athletes; Football
Miscellaneous: History; Space agency; TLDs: .ur, .ut, .rta
See also: Uhuhland; San Adriano; Gnatanamo; Category:Ropa-Topia

The Uhuhland Union
Member states: Ariddia, ESAT, North-West Ariddia, Ropa-Topia, San Adriano, Uhuh-Ropa, Uhuh-Topia, West Ariddia
See also: Uhuhland, Uhuhland Council, Uhuhland Parliament, Uhuhland Defence Force, Uhuhland Cabinet