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The Uhuhland Cabinet was established by the Uhuhland Citizenship Act 2123, adopted by the Uhuhland Council and proposed by San Adriano, the nation holding Uhuhland presidency at that time. The Cabinet is an organ of the Uhuhland Union. Its task is to make suggestions to the Council.

The Cabinet meets in Aqeyr, West Ariddia.

There are seven Ministries within the Cabinet, overseen by the President. Thus, each member State of the Union holds one Ministry. Each State chooses a Minister. The Cabinet is renewed every seven years.

The seven Ministries are:

  • Uhuhland Ministry of the Environment
held by Uhuh-Ropa. In theory, the Minister works closely with the (far more powerful) Uhuhland Environmental Council, established in 2124. In practice, Uhuh-Ropa is a known opponent of the UEC.
  • Uhuhland Ministry of Culture
held by San Adriano
  • Uhuhland Ministry of Social Issues
held by Ariddia
  • Uhuhland Ministry of Health
held by West Ariddia
  • Uhuhland Ministry of the Economy
held by North-West Ariddia
  • Uhuhland Ministry of Defence
held by Uhuh-Topia
  • Uhuhland Ministry of Foreign Affairs
held by ESAT. Uhuhland's Minister of Foreign Affairs is Christelle Zyryanov. The Minister is empowered to represent the Uhuhland Union abroad, with the assent of the Council on specific issues. She may establish Uhuhland Union embassies abroad, and welcome foreign ambassadors accredited to the whole of the Uhuhland Union, with the approval of the Council. This proposal was adopted unanimously.

The Uhuhland Union
Member states: Ariddia, ESAT, North-West Ariddia, Ropa-Topia, San Adriano, Uhuh-Ropa, Uhuh-Topia, West Ariddia
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