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The Uhuhland Parliament is an international legislative assembly established by the Uhuhland Union. It is located in the Uhuh-Topian capital city Arcadia.

There are, at present, 51 Uhuhland Members of Parliament, representing the Union's seven member States.

The Uhuhland Parliament is empowered only to legislate on issues deferred to it by the Uhuhland Council. It may then, however, pass binding legislation on all member States.

Although the Uhuhland Parliament was established with the ratification of the Uhuhland Union Charter on October 6, 2118, it was decided its first session would be on January 1st, 2119.

Number of MPs per member State

Each member State is entitled to a number of MPs defined by the first amendment to the Uhuhland Union Charter. The amendment states:

The Empire of Uhuh-Topia, the People’s Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia and the Kingdom of Uhuh-Ropa will each be represented by eleven Members of Parliament. The Sovereign State of West Ariddia and the City of North-West Ariddia will be represented by nine and seven Members of Parliament respectively. The Sovereign Village of San Adriano and the Extraterritorial Sovereign Ariddian Territory will be represented by one Member of Parliament each.

Electing Uhuhland Members of Parliament

The Uhuhland Union Charter, article 2, section 7, specifies that Members of Parliament must be elected. It does not, however, indicate by whom, and adds that "[e]ach member State will decide how often to renew its Parliamentary representatives" (article 2, section 8). Hence, it is left to each State to decide how its Uhuhland MPs will be chosen.

The following is an alphabetical list of member nations and the way in which their UMPs are selected:

  • Ariddia: Ariddia's eleven UMPs are democratically elected by the citizens of the country. The first election took place in 2118, with the next scheduled to come shortly after the 2124 national legislative election, then a new election to occur every five years after that.
  • ESAT: ESAT's single UMP is democratically elected every five years by the Esati citizens.
  • North-West Ariddia: This country elects its seven UMPs in the same way as Ariddia.
  • San Adriano: Sanadrianese citizens democratically elect their single UMP every six years.
  • West Ariddia: This country elects its nine UMPs in the same way as Ariddia.

Political parties

By country

Following the first ever elections in 2118:

By party


  • The Democratic Communist Party holds nineteen of the Uhuhland Parliament's fifty-one seats, with the Esati UMP expected to vote with the DCP 'bloc' on most issues.
  • San Adriano's single UMP is openly left-wing, though not a member of any party.


  • The Free Democratic Party, which defines itself as a strong proponent of civil, political and economic rights, holds eight of the Uhuhland Parliament's fifty-one seats.

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