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The Uhuhland Union is a mainly political alliance between seven nations of the continent of Uhuhland, in the Pacific Ocean. It came into being with the ratification of the Uhuhland Union Charter in Rêvane in 2118.

The Uhuhland Parliament is located in Arcadia, Uhuh-Topia, while the Uhuhland Council is situated in Rêvane, Ariddia. The Isle of Uhm has been chosen as headquarters for a hypothetical Uhuhland Defence Force.

A random draw made Prime Secretary Aj Ud (of Ariddia) the first President of Uhuhland.

The Uhuhland Union
Member states: Ariddia, ESAT, North-West Ariddia, Ropa-Topia, San Adriano, Uhuh-Ropa, Uhuh-Topia, West Ariddia
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Text of the Uhuhland Union Charter

The representatives of the sovereign peoples of Uhuhland, here gathered,

DETERMINED to foster and encourage a spirit of peace, understanding and friendship between the nations of this continent,

BELIEVING that an international body of Uhuhland nations, striving towards common goals and united by common aims, will be beneficial to the peoples of Uhuhland

HEREBY PROCLAIM the Uhuhland Union to be established.


1. The Uhuhland Union is a political, cultural, economic, and military alliance, designed to further the maintaining and increasing of peace, prosperity and well-being for the peoples of Uhuhland.

2. The Uhuhland Union will strive to mediate any conflicts between member States, to avert hostilities and to promote consensus and understanding between States party to this Declaration.

3. The Uhuhland Union’s member States will strive towards multilateral agreements to facilitate the movement of their citizens between member States.

4. The Uhuhland Union will encourage, wherever possible, economic cooperation and preferential trade agreements between member States.

5. The Uhuhland Union’s member States will encourage any measures designed to increase awareness and understanding of one another’s cultures by their respective citizens, and will promote cultural exchanges, museum loans, cultural visits, student exchanges and any other such measures as may be deemed to help achieve this goal.

6. The Uhuhland Union will consider the potential benefits of establishing an Uhuhland Defence Force, to which all member States may contribute, consisting in an international armed defence force.


1. This Declaration hereby establishes an Uhuhland Council and an Uhuhland Parliament.

2. The Uhuhland Council will consist in one representative designated by each member State. Presidency of the Uhuhland Council will rotate twice annually between member States. Each representative will have one vote in deliberations.

3. The Uhuhland Council will decide whether each of its resolutions is binding upon all member States, or whether it should have the status of a recommendation.

4. Decisions made by the Council will, unless otherwise specified, be by majority vote.

5. New member States to the Uhuhland Union will be admitted upon a majority vote by the Uhuhland Council. Admission to the Union entails admission to the Council and to the Uhuhland Parliament.

6. Member States may only be suspended or excluded by a three-quarter majority vote in the Council. Excluded members may re-apply for admittance within two years.

7. The Uhuhland Parliament will consist in elected representatives from all member States, proportionally to the population of each member State. This proportion to be decided upon by amendment.

8. Each member State will decide how often to renew its Parliamentary representatives.

9. The Uhuhland Parliament will vote upon matters deferred to it by the Uhuhland Council.

10. Decisions by the Uhuhland Parliament will, unless otherwise specified by the Council, be by majority vote.


1. The Uhuhland Union shall neither mandate nor forbid the implementation of any particular political system within any member State.


1. The Uhuhland Council is empowered to discuss the implementation of an economic alliance zone within Uhuhland.


1. No member State may instigate military action against another member State, and may only use force against another member State in legitimate self defence, and as a final means.

2. The Council will, at the earliest opportunity, consider the feasibility of a defensive military alliance, and of a joint Uhuhland Defence Force.


1. State-run humanitarian organisations within all member States shall coordinate their efforts to facilitate and enhance effective humanitarian aid missions within member States.

2. Member States will facilitate the free movement and resettlement of refugees from any member State into any other.


1. The People’s Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia shall not, by means of any mandatory Council resolutions, be compelled to abide by decisions which would contradict its obligations as a member of the International Fair Trade Agreement and the Coalition of Anti-Capitalist Economies.


Member States will be represented in the Parliament of Uhuhland as follows. The Empire of Uhuh-Topia, the People’s Democratic Social Republic of Ariddia and the Kingdom of Uhuh-Ropa will each be represented by eleven Members of Parliament. The Sovereign State of West Ariddia and the City of North-West Ariddia will be represented by nine and seven Members of Parliament respectively. The Sovereign Village of San Adriano and the Extraterritorial Sovereign Ariddian Territory will be represented by one Member of Parliament each.


[Admission of the Sacred Domain of Maxxe: repealed upon Maxxe's lapsing.

The Sacred Domain of Maxxe is hereby admitted, this September 13th, 2120, as a full member of the Uhuhland Union, with all rights and obligations enjoyed by, and uncumbent upon, all member States. The Sacred Domain of Maxxe shall be represented by eleven Members of Parliament in the Parliament of Uhuhland.]

To which the following duly accredited representatives of their respective member States appose their signature: