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Unified Adcuetdentry
Flag of UA
National motto: Sapere aude
(Latin: Dare to be wise)
Official language See Official Languages of UA
 - City
 - Elected
Elected Annually
28 August 2013
Headquarters Audévoustoc
Chancellor (Bureau of UA) Slevelsoin Nuenenorl
President (Council of UA) Hannel Cousedére
 - Total
 - % water
Ranked 1st (Map of UA [[1]])
31,815,008 km²
 - Total
 - Density
Ranked 46th
N/A (Q2-2014)
 - Declared
 - Recognised
13 September 2012
13 May 2013
 - Total (2014)
 - GDP/capita
Ranked 1st
$64 trillion
Currency International Feasc
Time zone GMT +2 to +9
National Anthem The Hymn of Union
National Mascot The Chariot
Internet TLD .ur
Calling Code Universal

The Unified Adcuetdentry (UA), is an union of adcuetdentric states worldwide. Formed in 2013, the UA has 22 member states as of 2015 (See Member States of Unified Adcuetdentry), and is currently headquartered in Audévoustoc, Rourcierre Entreutories; is predominately within Asia. See Map of Unified Adcuetdentry [[2]]

In contrary to treaty alliance among nations in the history of mankind, UA bears much similarlity with the Soviet Union, however, member states in UA are granted with absolute powers to govern their states, and are forbidden to induce any sort of ultimate influence to the other 18 member states within the UA region. The Bureau of UA and Chancellor of UA possesses the veto to challenge any constituted or to be constituted policies and laws.

UA exists in form of an unification of countries, in levels of society and government, however, economic unification had subjected to much criticism over the years due to the immense gap of difference in the member states. For instance, Roamfreun has a post-Capitalistic and Adcuetdentric-blended economy, in contrary to the centralised economy instituted by the communist Grané.

That is however, the Unified Adcuetdentry is considered an alliance, politically.


See History of Unified Adcuetdentry.

Background & Historic Information

When the Roamfreun Armed Services managed to advance towards the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, it was clear that the Malaysian Government would be disposed within months. Admist that, a major offensive launched by the Malaysian Royal Armed Forces was considered sucessful against the invading troops: Roamfreun's 4th Armour Vehicles Division, Roucierre's 16th Armour Vehicles Division and the Roucierre's 143th Infantry Division. Heavy losses was absorbed by the Malaysian side though. Upon receiving the news, Reuest defroncile Slevelsoin Nuenenorl declared the states of Johor (Auvene), Negeri Sembilan (Nevive), Malacca (Mourcice) shall be independent from the Malaysian Federal Government, and forming the first Braleudean Adcuetdentry, (See History of Braleude for more details.) and to institute an alliance with the provisional government of the new adcuetdentry. Hannel Cousedere, was elected the first President of Braleude, and was titled the Reuest demeurt, and passed the constitution of Braleude, of which conforms the Unified Adcuetdentry.

Alliance becoming Union

In Lveiovs, politicians were debating the fleasibility of forming such an alliance. On the verge of defeat of the 8th Roucierre Armed Ensemblement in the city of Shah Alam, Slevelsoin Nuenenorl proposed the establishing of the Unified Adcuetdentry as an union, instead of an alliance. This move was seen by much in Lveiovs as a personal ambition of the Reuest defroncile, however, opposition subdued and the proposal was institutionised on 7 September 2012. The Braleudean government followed suit on 8 September 2012, passing the Declaration of Unification, which nearly no opposition at all. The Unified Adcuetdentry came into existence on 13 September 2012, in a humble ceremony, in Lveiovs.


With the formation of the union, the Roamfreun and Roucierre Armed Services are authorised to recruit Braleude civilians into the army, and the use of the Ammunition and armour factories in the 3 Braleudean states. The move was proven quite popular, and within 3 weeks, productions were in full stern, and on 4 October 2012, the Roamfreun and Roucierre Armed Services takes the city of Shah Alam, the capital city, Kuala Lumpur and the royal city of Klang. These events had inevitably lead to the downfall of the Malaysian Royal Armed Forces, and on 23 November 2012, a ceasefire was called by the Malaysian Premier, however, was ignored by Lveiovs, and the Roamfreun Armed Services move on to take down the entire West Malaysia. On 26 November 2012, the entire Malaysian Royal Armed Forces surrendered to the Roamfreuns, and on 1 December 2012, the Malaysian Federal Government seek refuge in Bleurouc (then known as Thailand) before the Roamfreun and Roucierre Armed Services bombard the wartime governmental bunkers in Padang Besar.


This victory is seen by many adcuetdentic politicians the relevations of a new era, the Era of Adcuetdentricism. Following the official sucession of the states by the Braleudean authorities on 24 December 2012, 5 countries, namely Bleurouc, Areier, Euredier, Pretivour and Journuvie, became dominated by adcuetdentric politicial parties. See The Election Year of 2012. By 31 December 2012, the Unified Adcuetdentry became the union of 7 adcuetdentric states.


When Hannel Cousedere argues that the social structure of the UA depends on the main member states, the UA became much aware of the current trend of social patterns in the new union and new adcuetdentric states. The first polynational law instituted by the UA came into effect on 8 January 2013, when the 7 member states voted aye to formalise the union on 13 May 2013, the Day of Establishment.

Today, organisation within the UA operates the union. Based on such structure, the organisations handles the foreign affairs, economics, society, military, law and enforcement, civil services, energy and governmental issues.

The top structure of the UA is governed by the Bureau of Unified Adcuetdentry, which is headed by the Chancellor. The Chancellory is independent of the Bureau of Unified Adcuetdentry, and is situated in the country of the Head of State elected.

The Chancellory Office

The Chancellor is elected once every 2 years. The Chancellory Office will be situated in the country of the Chancellor, who must be a Head of State in one of the UA member states.

The Chancellor handles issues such as the Governance of the Bureau of Unified Adcuetdentry, the military, governs the union flag and anthem, and the possesses the power of veto against any constituted or to be constituted laws and policies within the Unified Adcuetdentry, however, may not necessary has the power to veto against local laws or policies passed on a national level within any of the member states, although Chancellor Slevelsoin Nuenenorl did sucessfully opposed the enactment of Cousreuve Proposal in Bleurouc and Viuite.

Bureau of Unified Adcuetdentry

The Bureau of Unified Adcuetdentry, also known as Bureunadry, is the assembly of representatives from each of the UA member states. Political sessions are often scheduled to take place on the first monday of July until the last Friday of August. The first political session took place on 4 January 2013, an exceptional case since the Unified Adcuetdentry had just been formed. The second political session commenced on 1 July 2013, and ended on 30 August 2013.

The First Hall of Bureunadry

Members of the Bureunadry are allocated with 2 votes each, with exception to the constitutional members, who receives only a vote. These members belonged to the First Hall of Bureunadry, who are the core members of the entire Bureunadry, and are titled the Common Bureunadriates, while the constitutional members are titled the Commoneather Bureunadriates. Policies and laws must be proposed here, and shall be deemed of the fleasibility and voted, before being reviewed by the Chancellor and forward to the Third Hall of Bureunadry. Common and Commoneather Bureunadriates are elected annually, and no single person shall be allowed to accept a term of more than 6 times.

The Second Hall of Bureunadry

Members of the Second Hall of Bureunadry, or the Bureunadric Minsters, are representatives nominated twice a year by the respective governments within the UA. They are given powers to veto any military operations in times of war that involves the entire UA, however, do not possesses the power to instruct an invasion. The Second Hall of Bureunadry is purely for military purposes, and is not associated with the mainstream halls of the Bureunadry.

The Third Hall of Bureunadry

The body that governs the instituted law and policies., and review proposed laws and policies. Members of this hall are titled the Abetment Bureunadriates, and are trusted with powers to oppose proposals from the First Hall of Bureunadry. Abetment Bureunadriates governs the instituted laws and policies in the Unified Adcuetdentry, however, are not authorised to intervene with laws and policies in the member states of UA.

When the Third Hall of Bureunadry finds the proposed law or policy suitable to be passed, the proposal will be forwarded to the Grand Hall of Bureunadry. When this hall finds an instituted law or policy unsuitable, the Request for Withdrawal of Instituted Laws or Policies will be forwarded to the Grand Hall of Bureunadry and awaits for the accordance.

The Grand Hall of Bureunadry

This is the Hall within the Bureunadry that passes and rejects proposal, and accepts or decline a Request for Withdrawal of Instituted Laws or Policies forwarded from the the Third Hall of Bureunadry. The Grand Hall of Bureunadry usually begin pocessing the proposals and request on the last Friday of July, and begin hearings on the second Wednesday of August. All proposals and requests must be processed by the last week of the Bureau of Unified Adcuetdentry politicial session.

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