Unitarian Church of the Resurgent Dream

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The Unitarian Church of the Resurgent Dream is the largest Unitarian religious body in the Resurgent Dream. It is also one of the most controversial religious bodies in the Resurgent Dream with many Christians and even many of the Unitarians themselves questioning whether the Unitarian Church is or should be a Christian church. Although the members of the Unitarian Church have diverse theological views, including some views which limit the role of Christ to merely being a great teacher, the leadership of the Church tends to stick towards doctrines based less on philosophy and more upon an unorthodox but still Jesus centered Christological.

The history of the Unitarian Church is one of increasing unity. The current Unitarian Church of the Resurgent Dream arose from no less than forty originally unitarian religious bodies which joined together at a series of conferences between 1941 and 2001.