United Alliance of Progressive States

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The United Alliance of Progressive States (UnAPS) was founded in December of 2003 (real life time) by the Socialist Empire of Edolia as the successor alliance to UNAOTO and dissolved in December of 2004. Most of the nations that made up its membership are found in the region Haven. The UnAPS Constitution was written by Edolia, and saw little revision, although debates over exactly what it meant caused great problems for the alliance, and precipitated the resignation of several prominent members.

Much of the history of the United Alliance of Progressive States involved conflicts with Allanea, and most people who have heard of the UnAPS know of it as a coalition involved in the Allanea-UnAPS War, where it received somewhat mixed attention. Many considered the actions of some of its nations, especially those of Edolia and Scandavian States, to be imperialistic. This caused several nations to leave the alliance. The alliance officially dissolved on December 16, 2004.

UnAPS dissolution

In late December of 2004 (realtime), the remaining active members of UnAPS, upset with the current state of the alliance, voted 8 to 2 to dissolve the alliance officially. The declaration is as follows:

  • Declaration of Dissolution

We, the member states of the Untied Alliance of Progressive States (UnAPS) hereby issue a declaration of dissolution, to take place upon the ratification of this act, which will come to pass upon a three-fourths majority vote of approval

1. The Constitution of the United Alliance of Progressive States is hereby annulled and all requirements and restrictions placed upon signatories are hereby removed and the alliance structure is dissolved forthwith.

2. The member states of the former United Alliance of Progressive States pledge friendship and trade in the future. No member state shall embark upon a war of aggression against another, and states shall assist each other in times of war.

3. The region of Haven will hereby no longer be affiliated with any organization, save the Union of Socialist Republics, which will keep it as their official home. Although a password will remain to protect the region from aggression and coup attempts, admission will now be based upon roleplaying merit rather than organizational affiliation and elections for delegate head will take place in the normal fashion.

4. A meeting will convene within a month of the ratification of this declaration, held in the Edolian city of Gërburg to be attended by representatives of all Haven nations including the United States of Allanea, for the purpose of creating a regional organization to promote peace and trade between Haven nations. The forum boards formally reserved for the United Alliance of Progressive States will be used for the new regional organization.

Voting: For: (8)

-Scandavian States
-Ancient and Holy Terra

Against: (2)


Abstain: (1)

-Copiosa Scotia

The Future

Despite the dissolution of the UnAPS organization, much of its legacy remains, including the Haven region, which is currently undergoing massive reforms to turn it into a regular geographic location, independent of any alliance structure. A new, non-binding Organization of Haven States has replaced the UnAPS as the major forum and governing body of Haven.

Following agreements with various nations, the nations of Tiburon, Scolopendra, and Haraki agreed to establish a new alliance, known as the Alliance of Progressive Nations, that may be considered a descendant of the UnAPS. Edolia, Goobergunchia, and Feline currently have an informal relationship with the alliance, although the relative inactivity of their governments has prevented them from formally entering dialogues to join the alliance.