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The Market Commonwealth of United Island Empires
Di Frīmäkit Comonwalth ouf Unitisch Sïland Ferialisions
united_island_empires.jpg GuestCorp.JPG
Flag and Coat of Arms of the United Island Empires
Motto (English): If it exists, it can be sold.
Anthem: Jerusalem [1]
Capital Sekore Island
Largest cities Rezörk City, Sekore Island, Delta Town
 - Noun
 - Adjective
 - Prefix

Spoken Languages
 - Official
 - Unofficial

English, Garomenian
Chinese, Latin
 - Party
 - Speaker

Antillean Party
Andria Hallow
House of Commons
 - Party
 - Prime Mister

UIE Conservative Party
Sir Joseph Williams
 - Party
 - Managing Director

UIE Conservative Party
Jacob Guest sh.
 - colonised
 - union
 - as a commonwealth
AD 1545
AD 1823
AD 1912
Region Lesser Antilles
 - Total
 - % water

3,898,290 km²
 - Total (2007 census)

GDP (FY2006/07)
  - Total (USD)
  - GDP/capita (USD)

HDI 0.989 - very high
National animal
English name
Raphus cucullatus
National flower
English name
Semper Augustus
Semper Augustus
National tree
English name
Roystonea Garomenia
Garomenia Palm
Patron Saint Saint Clare
Currency 1 Antilles Yent (*) = 100 Pence (D)
Time Zone GMT+0000/+0800(Hong Kong Is)
International Abbreviations
 - sport
 - government

Naval Craft Classification
  - Military
  - Civilian

Internet TLD .uie
Calling Code +040
Info: NationStates NSEconomy Pipian XML

The Market Commonwealth of United Island Empires (abbreviated UIE) (Garomenian: Di Frīmäkit Comonwalth ouf Unitisch Sïland Ferialisions), formally the Incorporated Commonwealth of United Island Empires, is a large, wealthy nation in the north of the Lesser Antilles. The country was formed in 1912 when two nations, Etland Empire and the Litalic Island Kingdom were bought by three huge multinational corporations; Guest Corp, the IEC Bank and Indigo Logging. It has since flourished both politically and economically under the majority rule of these corporations.


The United Island Empires has three houses of government. Each one has a specific job and way en which it is voted on.

The House of Commons

The House of Commons represents the Rezörk family in modern United Island Empires. Anyone can vote on the Commons, even if you are unemployed It opperates as the Lower House of the United Island Empires legislative branch. There are 246 members of the United Island Empires' Parliment. It is currantly held by:

  • 104: UIE Conservative Party
  • 81: Antillean Party
  • 30: Right Liberal Party
  • 31: Other Parties or Independent

The Senate

Only if you are an employee of either the government or by one of the Shareholding Corporations of the United Island Empires do you get to vote on the Senate. The Senate acts as the Upper House of the United Island Empires legislative branch, however the Senate's power is now very limited.

The Directorate

The directorate protect the companies interests within the government. Only shareholders get to vote on which directors are elected, and the vote depends on how many shares the voter owns. It acts as the country's executive branch.

Administrative Divisions

The Country has twenty One Federal States.

Federal States:

There is also one Special Administrative Region (SAR), the Penn SAR. The United Island Empires also control 14 smaller colonies, known as the Overseas Territories of the United Island Empires.



Climate is temperate, semi-arid, most rain never reaching the land, raining on the islands to the east, like Caseia, and in the coral reefs in the south. Sekore Island temperatures ranges from 18-22 in January to 25-33 in June.


  • Land: 10,200 sq. km
  • Water: 14,400 sq. km
  • Total: 24,600 sq. km

Area - Comparative

About the size of the United Kingdom, a bit large if you count the colonies of Garomenia and Hong Kong Is.

Maritime Claims

  • Territorial sea: 15 NM
  • Contiguous zone: 30 NM
  • Exclusive economic zone: 300 NM

Elevation extremes

  • Lowest Point: Lake Rarren (RI)- (-5,000 ft)
  • Highest Point: Mount Hußaken (GM)– 20,246 m

Natural Resources

Coal, copper, lead, silver, petroleum, uranium, iron, titanium, zinc, timber

Land use

  • Arable Land: 10%
  • Permanent Crops: 5%
  • Other: 85%


Population: About 5,108,000,000


Age Structure

0-14 years: 25.1%

15-64 years: 36.4%

65 years and over: 38.5%

Median Age

Total: 35.8 years

Male: 34.1 years

Female: 36.2 years

Growth Rate

Population Growth Rate 2.4%

Birth Rate: 20.14 births/1,000 population

Death Rate: 9.43 deaths/1,000 population

Net Migration Rate: 1 migrant(s)/100,000 population

Life expectancy

total population: 83.23 years

male: 81.79 years

female: 85.03 years


74% Roman Catholic
16% Jewish
6% Other Christian
4% Other


90% English
7% Garomenian
2% Chinese (unoffical)
1% Other


US$ Antilles Yent
GDP 213,575,602,436,848.72 8,893,795,387,559.29
GDP per Capita 41,811.98 1741.15

Public Sector


  • Commerce-53%
  • Healthcare-22%
  • Law and Order-18%
  • Eductation-3%
  • Defence-3%

Pritate Sector


  • Tertiary: 84%
  • Secondary: 12%
  • Primary: 4%


Sector Production %
Commerce 14,928,472,566,520.30 25.1
Banking and insurance 12,252,053,182,084.40 20.6
Manufacturing 5,114,934,823,588.61 8.6
Public administration and defence 4,936,506,864,626.22 8.3
Transport, storage and communications 2,616,943,398,115.10 4.4
Electricity and gas distribution 2,438,515,439,152.71 4.1
Ownership of dwellings 2,319,563,466,511.11 3.9
Construction 2,200,611,493,869.52 3.7
Agriculture and livestock 1,486,899,658,019.95 2.5
Forestry and fishing 1,248,995,712,736.75 2.1
Mining and quarrying 713,711,835,849.57 1.2
Other services 9,218,777,879,723.66 15.5

Labour Force

Income distribution
 lowest 10%
 highest 10%
Labour force composition
Unemployment rate

Labour Force

Income distribution
 lowest 10%
 highest 10%
Labour force composition
Unemployment rate


Uiemapintl.PNG The States of the UIE are shown in green. The striped area is the Penn SAR, expected to ascend to statehood in 2020.



Before the Europeans discovered the islands, very few records of the area can be found. The ruins of Alcapeio are legendary because they show of people living on the islands before. Apart for that there are only two proofs of the islands ever being seen. One was from Chineese explorers from 1432. They give an accuate desciption of the Kalisone costline, but we also know from the records that no one ever landed. The other was that Native American tribes talk of a "Great Collection of Islands". but we do not know whether or not they are taking about our islands or any others from the north of the Lesser Antilles.


City States



International organization participation


Nation Codes

ISO Nation Codes UISE
Internet Code .uie
International Telephone Code 040
Antilles Yent ISO currancy code AYNT
Carplate codes UIE


Airport Codes

A list of the United Island Empires' main International Airports and their codes.

Points of Interest


The Tallest Buildings in the United Island Empires are found in the main cities. The commonly regarded most impressive building in the country is One Falton Place, standing over twice the size of any other building in Rezörk City.


Tourism is a growing industry in the United Island Empires, and the industry is mainly centred around the wine growing regions of Garomenia. This area is also home to the countries only national park, di Kulagripak. Many of the Overseas Territories also have a large sector in this industry.

National Holidays

Incorporation Day

12th July
(excludes Garomenia and Hong Kong Is)
Celebrates the day the United Island Empires was formed.

Parliment Day

10th January
Celebrates the day the first parliament was elected.

Garomenia Day

31 July
(Garomenia only)
Celebrates the day Garomenia became part of the United Island Empires.

Hong Kong Is Day

15 April
(Hong Kong Is only)
Celebrates the day Hong Kong Is became part of the United Island Empires.

Lesser Antilles Security Council
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Non-Ministerial Members: AlexicaEllesmeraiLamont CranstonMonaconPuntingTorrenniaTyranny and Lollipops
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