United Island Empires at the First Summer Olympics

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The Incorporated Commonwealth of United Island Empires (country code UIE) participated in the First Summer Olympics.


   Gold       Silver       Bronze    Total
UnitedIslandEmpiresSmall.JPG United Island Empires (UIE) 4 4 3 11


  • Women's Double Sculls: Swenson/Hodson
  • Men's Lightweight Double Sculls: King/Gibson
  • Men's Double Canoe: Smith/Foster
  • Men's Coxed Eights: Patel/Johnson/Phillips/Lee/Bailey/Griffiths/Greenway/Woodworth


  • Men's Double Sculls: Phillips/Holmes
  • Women's Coxless Pairs: Valdes/Swafford
  • Men's Coxless Four: Foster/Johnson/Stewart/Jackson
  • Womens Coxed Eights: Stockman/Vernon/Zucker/Robles/Ashe/Earnest/Middaugh/Longo


  • Woman's Single Sculls: Tamara Boswell
  • Woman's Lightweight Double Sculls: Sanford/Samons
  • Woman's Quad Sculls: Walther/Costanzo/Bash/Murdock

Team UIE


Men's Single Canoe; Nathan Williams, Michael Howard, Adrian Harris, Matthew Harrison
Men's Double Canoe; Ryan Grey and Landon Baker, Jake Smith and James Foster
Men's Single Kayak; Luis Morris, Blake Miller, Jack Morris, Sebastian White
Women's Single Kayak; Kristine Hunt, Lydia Neese, Penny Kirkham, Dianne Amaral


Men's One Day International; United Island Empires’ One Day Cricket Team
Women's One Day International: United Island Empires’ Female One Day Cricket Team


Men's Football; United Island Empires' National Football team
Women's Football; United Island Empires' National Female Football team


Men's Single Sculls; Daniel Watson, Cole Matthews, Bryan Jones, Andrew Carter
Men's Double Sculls; Daniel Watson and Cole Matthews, Eric Phillips and Jason Holmes
Men's Lightweight Double Sculls; Miguel Cox and Carson Owen, Aaron King and Nathan Gibson
Men's Quad Sculls; Joshua Bailey, Charles Chapman, Gavin Murphy and Carson Cook
Men's Coxless Pair; Kyle Green and Dominic McDonald, Aidan Graham and Sean Russell
Men's Coxless Four; Dylan Foster, Alexander Johnson, Carson Stewart and Ryan Jackson
Men's Lightweight Coxless Four; Ian Cook, Zachary Evans, Patrick Simpson and Diego Taylor
Men's Coxed Eights; Anthony Patel, Daniel Johnson, Justin Phillips, Daniel Lee, Cameron Bailey, Mason Griffiths, Eric Greenway and Steve Woodworth
Women's Single Sculls; Susan Benefield, Tamara Boswell, Florence Larosa, Isabel Loeffler
Women's Double Sculls; Linda Foster and Melissa Hockenberry, Wendy Swenson and Samantha Hodson
Women's Lightweight Double Sculls; Daisy Sanford and Joanne Samons, Jane Macarthur and Terri Ingraham
Women's Quad Sculls; June Walther, Alice Costanzo, Colleen Bash and Denise Murdock
Women's Coxless Pair; Elaine Muth, Emily Woods, Lisa Valdes and Bonnie Swafford
Women's Coxed Eights; Krista Stockman, Janice Vernon, Blanca Zucker, Deanna Robles, Martha Ashe, Jacqueline Earnest, Grace Middaugh and Ellen Longo


Men's Rugby Sevens; United Island Empires' Rugby Sevens Squad


Men's RS:X (Sailboard); Patrick Whitcomb, Eric New, Shawn Marsh, Carl Bertram
Men's Laser (Single Dinghy); Albert Fairbanks, Matthew Benning, Jeremy Bader, Dale Lodge
Men's 470 (Two Person Dinghy); Craig Hartwig and Terry Glaser, Christopher Tillery and Patrick Landers
Men's Star (Keelboat); Bobby Dunigan and Howard Wolf, Nathan Troxell and Ryan Sauer
Women's RS:X (Sailboard); Angela Jensen, Danielle Nottingham, Faye Lenz, Sheila Glass
Women's Laser Rad. (Single D.); Natasha Fillmore, Molly Quarles, Marilyn Wines, Janet Swaim
Women's 470 (Two Person Dinghy); Eva Finnegan and Cynthia Shaffer, Rosemary Huertas and Vicky Harrington
Women's Yngling (Keelboat); Jenny Bracy, Jennifer Duggan and Angela Denney
49er (Mixed Skiff); David Daugherty and Ralph Young, Joseph Burrows and Steven Grover
Finn (Mixed Dinghy); Wayne Beamon, Dennis Attaway, Jonathan Valle, Juan Grim
Tornado (Mixed Multihull); Jacob Short and Larry Farnsworth, Gerald Asberry and Craig McNeil

First Summer Olympics
Host city: Ashford (Casari)
Other candidates: International Democratic Union, Sonoma City (Bedistan), Timiocato (Pacitalia)
Participating nations: Andossa Se Mitrin Vega | Antrium | The Archregimancy | Ariddia | Baranxtu, Cikoutimi and Otea | Bazalonia | Bedistan | Bostopia | Boudra-Boudra | Casari | Ceorana | Chicanada | Dorian and Sonya | ESAT | Fbrenia | GarfieldtheFat | Hendrick4824 | Hiiran | Jeffgordonville | Kelse | Liverpool England | Magnus Valerius | Martentopis | Mikitivity | Milchama | New Montreal States | Qazox | Quakmybush | Ropa-Topia | San Adriano | Rorysville | Schiavonia | South Antrium | Starblaydia | Uncle Pete | United Island Empires | Virginia Nova | The Weegies | Wentland