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United Isle
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Population: 21 nations
Delegate: none
Founder: The Scotland Isle
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United Isle are a chain of islands located North West of Ireland. The region contains 22 nations,6 major powers,and 16 others,which are independent nations,or vassals to others. The isles are located 117mi northwest of Ireland,and only 97 miles west of Iceland.

The major powers are

The Armed Republic of The Scotland Isle

The Empire of Axt

The Free Land of Lunar Suns

The Republic of Nichterobert

and The Armed Republic of Subeta


The history of the united isles go back to the 1276, when Scottish sailors blew offcourse and discoverd an island which is modern Scotland Isle. After settling,building colonies, a new force arrived in 1279,the Vikings under Josser Bonecrusher. Josser and his vikings settled in modern day Axt. After years of skirmishing and colonizing,the British drove out the Vikings in the British Urpser. After the driving out of the vikings,the british conquered the nearby scottish,for a little while.Once the British/Scottish wars were declared,the war came to the isle,and after years of bloody conflict,the brits were driven out back to the main isle.In 1789 word of revolution from the New World reached the United Isle,seeing a chance at freedom,Axtians took up there weapons and began to fight. Finally the British were out for good.During World War 1,The Scotland Isle sent its soldiers to France to assist the allies,while Axt and Nichetrobert fought on there own soil,nearby Ledsham and Lunar Suns had cross border insidents and skirmishes.

Verzandian Civil War

On August 16,1912 General Hienesh Vantsouch of Verzandia staged a succesful military coup aganst the former government of Verzandia,about 95% of Verzandias armies and secuity forces followed Imperator and so the government was quickly demolished.

First United Isle War

On October 21,2110, the Verzandian Military began a invasion of the United Isle. The first to fall where Wehge,Yasch,then Ledsham, and last Lunar Suns. But the Empire of Axt fought back. The Scotland Isle refused to enter the war. Then the day came, Verzandian military planes attacked The Scotland Isle, and the capital. Within days Verzandia had nearly destroyed the city, and the lifes of over 2 million people, this forever sealed Verzandia's fate. The Scotland Isle formed an allied stike force with Empire of Axt, and the Canadian Isle. The Scotland Isle began a military increase, and prepared for war.

The Scotland Isle formed a largley planned battle strategy. On November 5th 2112, the Scotland Isle, and the Candian Isle, paradropped over the front line on Axt and began the allied push. Within 2 years the allies had pushed the Verzandia Front overseas and back to there homeland, the war was coming to a end.

On December 4th 2113,3,000,000 Scotland Isle soldiers, and over 5,000,000 allies landed on the beaches of Verzandia, and began a push. The Scotland Isle Liberated Northern Verzandia, and then Western, as Axt conquered the East, and South. The allies then pushed on, into the heart of Verzandia. On Febuary 22nd 1922, they breached the main city. On Febuary 26th, Hienesg ordered his generals to detonate 4 underground ammuniton depots in the Capital of Verzandia, killing over half the population of the captial, and of 70,000 allied soldiers.



  • Verzandia
  • Yasch Island
  • Paddock Island

Ledsham Uprising

Recently,the government of Ledsham was crushed under the might of the Ledsham Liberation Front(LLF). The LLF,under the leadership of Askahn Malrka ordered 1,000 of his fighters into the capital city on August 12,1937. The government was taken by surprise,and only 210 police officers stood aganst them. Bloody street to street fighting occured but futile,the president and his faimly were assassinated traveling out of the city in an armored convoy.Upon hearing this,the Empire of Axt launched a bliztkrieg towards the capital,and The Scotland Isle paradropped and landed troops throughout the nation. Fighting was intense but the capital was retaken by the Boden,and the Scotland Isle began anti terror ops. The nation was split between north(scotland isle) and south(axt) juristiction.