United Mennonite Brethren

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The United Mennonite Brethren is the largest Anabaptist denomination in Finara. It also has branches in the Resurgent Dream, especially in the Principality of Kagerlund. Since the repeal of the Act of Religious Sovereignty, the denomination has been attempting to set up branches in Pantocratoria as well but has so far met with no significant success. At present, the denomination has roughly 1,210 members worldwide.

The denomination owes its origins to the Mennonite Church. In 1922, the Mennonite Church ejected a number of congregations because they admitted soldiers in the Finaran Armed Forces to join their congregations. Most of these churches then joined together to form the Evangelical Mennonite Conference of Congregational Churches. In 1991, more individual congregations were expelled for the admission of homosexuals into their congregations. Most of these congregations came together to form the Redemptive Mennonite Family of God. In 2001, all three bodies entered into reconciliatory talks, the ultimate result of which was the incorporation of all three bodies into the new United Mennonite Brethren in 2002.