University of Asgarnieu

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University of Asgarnieu
University of Asgarnieu Old Campus
Motto: "In All Ways, Our Best"
Nationality Asgarnieu
Main Campus Balkan City Special Autonomous Region, Asgarnieu.
Secondary Campus(es) Secondary Campuses are located in every province, state, and territory.
Established 1823
Dean of Students Dean of Students Kevin B. Pena
Mascot Bulldog
Students 2,068,132
Faculty 853,290

The University of Asgarnieu is the oldest university in the nation, and is the largest. It is the most populous of the schools as well. It is a world-renowned school, and many come from all over the world to be educated there.


The University of Asgarnieu plays many different sports, and competes with other universities in the nation. The mascot is The Bulldog.

List of Sports

  • Football (American)
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Track & Field
  • Aerobatics
  • Cycling
  • Gymnastics
  • Rowing
  • Jai alai
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Ice Hockey
  • Snowboarding
  • Drag Racing
  • Archery
  • Laser Tag
  • Airsoft
  • Paintball
  • Golf
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Dodgeball
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Softball


  • U of A Football Field
  • U of A All Fields
  • U of A Paintball/Airsoft/Laser Tag Fields
  • U of A Basketball Arena
  • U of A Boxing/Wrestling Arena
  • U of A Baseball/Softball Fields
  • U of A Racetrack
  • U of A Golf Course
  • U of A Airfield


The U of A Library is the largest public school library in the nation.


  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Nuclear Sciences
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Electronics
  • Piloting
  • Politics
  • Fine Arts
  • Urban Affairs
  • Business
  • Design School
  • Government
  • Education
  • Physics
  • Theatre
  • Photography
  • Motion Picture
  • Developments
  • Culture
  • Civil Services
  • Engineering
  • Construction