University of Rêvane

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The University of Rêvane

The University of Rêvane is one of five universities located in or near the Ariddian capital city of Rêvane, one of ten on the island of Ocea, and one of thirteen throughout the country. It is the largest, and is generally considered the most prestigious. It welcomes more foreign students than any other Ariddian university, although many foreigners also study at the Third World Open University in Cité-Belle.

The university is scattered through several campuses, and offers courses in political sciences, economics, social sciences, history, cultural studies, anthropology, biology, geology, physics, chemistry, medicine, Ariddian literature, foreign literature, French, English, Wymgani, numerous foreign languages, Wymgani studies, ecology and sustainable development, mechanics and engineering, urban development and architecture, sports, music, painting and drawing, sculpting, as well as several other arts, computer skills, handicrafts, philosophy, and other fields of study.

There are a number of inter-departmental courses, combining for example political and economic sciences, cultural studies and foreign languages, ecology and urban development, or even music and literature.

The Ariddian education system emphasises critical thinking, and this emphasis remains at university level.

Ariddian Prime Secretary Aj Ud studied philosophy and literature at the University of Rêvane. His successor, Nuriyah Khadhim, was a student of politics and environmental management at the University of Espérence.