Unnamed helper

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unnamed helper
Former aide to Margaret Smith, now President of Druida
Andrew Idder
Political style
Left of centre, more sensible than his predicesor

The unnamed helper was a loyal worker of President Margaret Smith of Druida. No-one knew anything about him at all. Indeed, up until a matter of months before he became president, only one person did - former NEWI Cefn Druids footballer and journalist at The Daily Druid, Liam Gessemschmitthaagen-Po. As Gessemschmitthaagen-Po was leaving Total n Utter Insanity after Druida had won the Under-21 World Cup there, he picked up the President and his aide on hte way home. As Gessemschmitthaagen-Po drove off into the distance, the reveal of the unnamed helper's name was drowned out to everyone except those in the vehicle because of the revs of the engine.

However, everyone now knows that he is Andrew Trevor Idder, and was the only reason why Smith had ever reached a position of power. Idder gave up on Smith when the Make Druida Sober campaign proved so successful, but Smith wouldn't endorse it. So now Idder runs the country, while Smith's career is in ruins.