Ur Trade Pact

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Ur Trade Pact
Headquarters: Ur an Ass
Members: +/- 47 members
Type: Economic Pact
Forum: UTP forums

The Ur Trade Pact was a large international organization directed by the Ur government. The purpose of this pact was to allow broad economic expansion for all its members and better relations between a wide range of nations through economic transactions courtesy of Ur. Note: This Ur Trade Pact is strictly business, no political ties implied. Pacts of allegiance are not included; Does NOT mean there are no political ties. In fact there were many.

The trade pact was formed because the Ur player wanted to have a wider-range of RP abilities. Members of the UTP would be able to have broader, more flexible powers in Role-Playing. They would have more funding, backing, and materials that could be acquired through the trade pact. The UTP trade forums were very active for a timeand facilitated many deals between nations and corporations.

Despite its supposedly non-military nature the UTP was deeply involved in the Coalition War, since many UTP nations participated and it was coordinated from their forums. The Coalition War plan was known as Operation MAGE, and directed against Melkor Unchained and the region of Arda .

As the founding nation retreated into isolationalism, the UTP became more and more inactive despite attempts of Angelus and others to reform it. The government of Knootoss launched KIST, in part to succeed this alliance.

Official terms of the UTP

  • $120 bil generated in mutual trade over 10 years. Option open to extend the contract at the end of 10 years.
  • Joint Protection of Trade by UTP members and Ur Fleets.
  • Opening of New Markets to UTP members.
  • Ur Mining Co. offering exclusive mining operation services in UTP nations, creating a new domestic market for members.
  • Economic Assurances. Ur held business of highest esteem and would never back down on another nation's economy.
  • A Market Window to the World Business Organization, another strong economic alliance.


Terms of membership

The Ur Trade Pact was open for all to join. New members had to apply or be invited, with a lengthy application process. Only individual nations would be considered and nations had to give proof of their RP.

Accepted members

Considered Nations

Nazi States of America, NBC, Lontorica (nation), Pauldustllah, Croania, Fik, Steel Butterfly, Pope Hope, Tahar Joblis, Nikea

UTP Co-Defence Group

The UTP Co-Defence Group was established for the open discussion of the use of military force in keeping the UTP trade routes open. If a nation is invading a UTP nation, the UTP: CDG Council would decide if it warrented UTP action. Any military action had to pass with a 3/4ths majority. The Co-Defence Group was made up of volunteer nations, so even if the CDG Council decides to go to war, only the volunteer nations will be envolved.

CDG Council: (All are Equal)

CDG Volunteer Nations