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Forum: Uroca Regional Forum
Population: 56+/- nations
Delegate: Archid
Founder: East Imperfectia
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The United Regions of Charis-Aberdeen (Abbr: UROCA, Informal: Uroca) is a region that was founded through the merger between Aberdeen and Charis. UROCA is a roleplay and government region with approximately 56 nations spread across 2 Continents.


Charis had actually been founded as a result of a settlement made between Governor David of Imperfectia (a nation within Aberdeen) and the two potential successors to Jonathon Nobel as Speaker of Imperfectia: Grant Hightable and Michael Carmack. In the agreement, Grant Hightable would establish the nation of East Imperfectia on the Charis landmass. Governor David retained the Head of State privileges of both Imperfectia and East Imperfectia. East Imperfectia would, then, go on to organize the various nations on the Charis landmass into a region.

The close relationship between Imperfectia and East Imperfectia provided the opportunity to bring about their union. After both regions had suffered horribly due to various wars, Governor David tabled a proposal to merge the two regions - not even two years after Charis had been founded.

Forgottenlord, who had retained his communication channels to many of the Aberdeen leadership even after his self-imposed exile, had quickly grasped upon the idea and put together a process for the merger to happen through. In it, he laid down the steps to the process of merging:

  1. Each region must pass a piece of legislation approving the concept of merging
  2. A merger team should be formed to work out the details of the new region including her name, the structure of her interim government, and putting together a general timeline for the process.
  3. Once the merger team has determined the above items, they are to present their suggestions to the regions to be voted upon again
  4. The new government is elected by both regions
  5. Once the leadership has been decided, the two regions will formally merge
  6. The Urocan Constitution will be drafted and debated by the newly merged region under the Interim Government

The process was quickly accepted as the modus operandi. Both regions overwhelmingly supported the merger concept, giving near unanimous approval.

Merger talks

Nearly all of the invitees to the merger team were hand-picked by Governor David. The main delegates at the meeting were:

Interim Government

President- Imperfectia
Prime Minister- Dancing Bananland (resigned)
Minister of Information and Defense- Brooksadice
Minister of Internal Affairs- Paradica (resigned), Sayt
Minister of Foreign Affairs- Hekloslogravia
Minister of Immigration- Rioule (resigned),PGrier (resigned)
Minister of Culture- Wzzt

In July of 2007, the interim government was dissolved. Imperfectia put emphasis on the completion of a new, simplified draft the Urocan Constitution, but by the end of September it was still incomplete.

New Constitution

On 30 September, after former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hekloslogravia started calling for either a new interm-government, or the abolishment of Urocan government, Bloopa put the simplified version of the Constitution up to vote. If the Constitution passed, it would immeadiately be put into effect. If it failed, Uroca would form a government under the old Aberdeen Constitution. The proposed Constitution passed 9-1, with voting ending 8 October, 2007.

See:Urocan Constitution

Urocan Elections of October 2007

Candidates for Secretary General

Hekloslogravia, nominated by Bloopa
Brooksadice, nominated by Hekloslogravia
Mittsville, self-nomination

Election Results

The election lasted from 17 October until 24 October, 2007. Hekloslogravia was elected the first Secretary General of Uroca with 75% of the vote.

Candidate Votes %
Hekloslogravia 9 75.00
Mittsville 2 16.67
Brooksadice 1 8.34
Total 12 100.00

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