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"Absolution...a little place of forgetting. A quiet region of contrast Where no matter a states political views or history all will be forgiven then completely forgotten."

The NationStates region of Absolution was created in September of 2006 and Founded by ASSORRO, the benevolent head of the regional guard. It is a region which does not take part in the invasion aspect of the NationStates game but rather signifies a growing region of peace among contrasting nations, providing the proof that nations of socialism, communism, and democracy can and do coexist in peaceful, quiet resolution.

Absolution has an open border policy and accepts all nations. In spite of size, political alignment, political history or duration that a nation has lived within the region, all nations are considered equal and granted the same inalienable right of equal consideration and representation. They are free to run their nations as they see fit without outside interference and no voice goes unheard.

Their regional government, Regional Government which any nation can be a part of, is democratic though individual nations are from both ends of the political spectrum. Nations registered with the regional forum are automatically granted the title of Minister and possess an eligible vote on all issues. They can propose new laws, propose amendments to existing laws, vote on UN resolutions, affect policy and vote in regional elections which are held four times a year. Any Minister can platform and run in elections but only UN ministers can be elected as delegates.

Absolution holds a strict endorsement policy forbidding unsanctioned endorsement swapping and making it mandatory for all UN nations to endorse their legally elected delegate. Nations refusing to endorse the delegate are issued compliance orders and beyond that sent into temporary exile for failing to comply with regional law. Laws of Absolution

This is not done out of a lack of kindness but to preserve their democratic process from being undermined. Delegates are elected by the region and as such, their position is protected under the law.



The regional flag of Absolution is a valid symbol and stands as the testament of a region united. Used as a war badge before the time of the great peace that the region enjoys today. The flag has seen some of the most darkest days the region has ever known.

The symbolism on the flag dates before the time of the founding nation and can be discovered through the folklore of the region. A dragons dagger sit predominately in the center, used by the old tribes of Absolution. The rising sun in the top right corner and the descending moon in the bottom left represent the old credo of 'vigilant throughout our days and throughout our nights until death brings us no more'. Along with the regions name which sits boldly in the center are three Latin words, the language of ancient Rome: Venimus-Vidimus-Vicimus (We came-We saw-We conquered) Words spoken by Julius Caesar, a link to the days when the region was a Roman province.

Any nation within Absolution these days may fly the regional banner, called Pax (peace). The founding nation of Assorro has adopted it not only as its regional emblem but as its national flag as well.

The flag is no longer used in war these days. Nations participating in UN missions outside of the region must don their own national flags while doing so. It represents the peace enjoyed by all of its nations as well as the struggle it went through to obtain it.


The regional Statistics are updated once a week and give a report of the regions current gross population, number of UN members, regional economic statistics in GRP and GDP, as well as graphs displaying percentages of all civil Rights freedoms, economic freedoms, political freedoms and UN categories. Regional Statistics


  • Only regional UN member nations who are registered forum Ministers within the government of Absolution are eligible to become candidates in an election and can announce their intention to run for office at any time. All nations may register with the forum.
  • Government elections within Absolution commence on the first day of January, April, July and October and take place on the regional forum by means of a election poll located in the "Polling Station" section of government..
  • Government election polls remain open for 7 complete days.
  • In the case of a tie, a new poll concerning only those candidates will be opened for 2 complete days.
  • Elections are announced via the regional message board two weeks in advance of an election poll opening.
  • Candidates have the two weeks prior to the start of an election poll to platform in "The Podium" section of government located on the regional forum.
  • All members of government are eligible to vote.
  • All polls on the regional forum are anonymous.