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Commerce Heights
Marital Status Single
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I am the user behind the nations Commerce Heights, Commerce Heights JSY, Lontorika, and New Manhattan. I usually roleplay as Commerce Heights (using New Manhattan’s forum account, because of the n/a post count bug), and occasionally roleplay with Lontorika on the Atlantian Oceania forums. Most of this is sports roleplaying for the World Cup, in which I have actively participated for over three years.

I can often be found IRC, in #nssport on EsperNet, using the nick commerceheights.

Article priorities


Name Importance Quality
Unified Capitalizt States High B
Capitalizt SLANI national football team High B
Aeropag High C
Capitalizt Defense Alliance High Stub
Capitalizt SLANI High Stub
International City Mid C
Syokaji Mid C
Aeropag Tribune Mid Stub
Commerce Heights (city) Mid Stub
Khrusáestos Mid Stub
Lontorika Mid Stub
Capitalizt Era Low C
Commerce Heights Era Low C
Jativa Low C
Terranordalis Era Low C
Chorion Low Stub
Commerce Heights Capital Territory Low Stub
Lontorica (geographic area) Low Stub
Lontorika (state) Low Stub
Lower Manhattan Low Stub


C4 Champions League, Capitalizt SLANI League, Capitalizt Super Cup, Jabonga Çwego Ligī, Jasīʼyūn Ligī, Port Lusambo Paladins, SLANI International League, Sonoma Center Panthers (all in need of updating in some form)


Needed articles

High importance: Altera, Capitalizt Coalition for Coöperation in Protection, Jasīʼyūn, Jasīʼyūn national football team, Sirius D

Mid importance: Alejandro Bolúfero, Aquilla, Capitalizt Revolution, Paleoparipia, PariMedia, Sokojito Dosi, Sokojito (nation), Sokojito Überdome

Low importance cities: Chorion Bluffs, Lukeonia City, Marustadt, Megalópolē, Melbin, New Lexington, New Seoul, Portland (Unified Capitalizt States), Port Lusambo, Prontera, ʼYupo

Low importance geography/history: Aeropag Island, Akḗla, Bætica, Boopsylvania, Communist Heights, Evestigatus, Forea Island, Humai Island, Isla de Penguinata, Jativan Islands, Kaiwu Island, Khiousagahd, Königeland, Lukeonia, New Anaphase, New Manhattan, Nordwestbedistanie AFR, Omni Bee, Sokojito (state), Sokojiwa, Sonoma Island, Southeast Island, Syoko Island, Tarraconesis, United Siokaji Consortium, Yates Island

Other low importance: Aeropag Olympic Stadium, Branden Stout, Capitalizm (religion), Capitalizt Consolidated Conglomeration Corporation, CDA Stadium, CHEAT Alliance, Commerce Heights Footballing and Soccer Federation, Jack Dalton, JPL Paladin Stadium, John Sheppard, Margaretism, Matthew Sparks, Matthew Yates, TechConGroup, Timotheus Müller-Bekeschus, Unity Stadium

Sports articles: Aeropag Hurricanes, Aeropag Tribune Cup, Bluefox Axtra League, Cambridge Pioniere, Commerce Heights Thunderbirds, Jabonga Nopʼīn Ligī, Jasīʼyūn Kūb, Klube Qoqerálire Internepáïire, Medoria Löwen, Pórto-Khe Dolophónoi, Sportverein Veernan, Syoko Poggyūggijī, TakilQuip Cup, Tidus Gaŋçūl